Monday, January 3, 2005

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6130)

Pushover: Amy Lee wins; Trip to London ($5650)

Punch A Bunch: Paul wins $100 with 3 Punches

One Away: Tiffany wins; Ford Escape ($20,617)

Showcase Showdown #1: Tiffany wins with 95 cents

Switch?: Donna lost with a “switch”; Safe and Bar Set

Hole in One (or Two): Debra wins (Line 2); Chrysler PT Cruiser

Coming or Going: Timothy wins by “Coming”: Entertainment Center and TV Set ($6838)

Showcase Showdown #2: Donna wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Tiffany wins; “After the New Year” Showcase, Lawn Mower, Drum Set, Motorcycle, and Ski Boat ($53,649 in prizes)

Our first show of 2005 begins with a few leaps from the first of two contestants named “Amy” to Bob’s New Years greeting to the home viewers. Even after Amy Lee won a honeymoon to London thanks to husband Johnny’s advice, don’t expect the fellow to make all the decisions in this newly created marriage. Paul celebrates his second wedding anniversary performing his boxing skills on the Punchboard, resulting in a variation of “ouch” while punching out the last hole with his self-proclaimed “lucky punch”. After our braided haired Debra addressed herself in a unique fashion (Bob reacted with “I’m Bob!”) before the bidding process would begin, Tiffany escaped Contestant’s Row, purse and all before One Away. After finding out she only had 1 digit in the Escape’s price right, Tiffany almost made an excellent scenario seem tougher. Thank goodness she would eventually answer Bob’s simple question on which digit should stay, turned out to be “2” of course. Pennsylvania diver Donna finally escapes her group after 2 days of being a member of the Stage 33 audience. Debra most certainly made her grandma in the audience proud for not only the trip to the show, but also escaping Contestant’s Row at last. Once again, Bob gave up his inspiration putt (I wish he allowed a member of the audience, particularly Debra’s grandma to perform the putt), which resulted in Debra’s nervous wreck status. To the fellow who shouted, “just take your time and hit!” during Debra’s second chance at the hole, I salute you. Timothy escapes a last (yep, even Bob used the word “escape”) to make an important 50/50 decision, leaving us with a show standing at 5/6 Pricing Games won.

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