Thursday, December 30, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6070)
(Original Air Date 9-30-2004)

Make Your Move: Lisa lost; Hot Tub ($4705), Sofa ($899) and Radio ($59)

Grand Game: Jeremy wins $10,000 (Target Price $9.00)

Dice Game: Garrick wins; Ford Focus ($15,312)

Showcase Showdown #1: Garrick wins with 85 cents

Freeze Frame: Crystel lost; Clock ($6425)

On the Spot: Kimberly wins; Chevy Aveo

One Wrong Price: Mariah wins; Cradle, Motorcycle (Wrong Price), and Bar Set

Showcase Showdown #2: Cystel wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Garrick wins; Trip to San Francisco, Charleston, GPS Receivers, and Chrysler Sebring ($54,556 in prizes)

Another day, another first four set of contestants consisting of 3 ladies + a fellow. Nope, nothing suspicious. Bob almost had a problem with future Grand Game contestant Jeremy’s attempt at correcting his bid of $1401 on a kayak, which was thought to be $1301. Lisa had the knowledge of the concept of Make Your Move, but she made a couple of unfortunate moves with the Sofa and Radio. Jeremy was no problem after escaping Contestant’s Row whatsoever. Even hugged Bob after his $10,000 victory. Garrick representing his group of fellow Marines escapes both the audience and Contestant’s Row during the third segment for a chance at some big dice rolling. Like Bob said, Garrick continued to roll a “2” (excluding a “5”) until he got it right on the fourth roll. Garrick, whom we would find out ranks as a sergeant earns a position in today’s Showcase with 85 cents. Oregon’s very own Crystel (a lovely “Crystal” according to this non-mineral expert typing) waited until a second rotation (and a second time to see price $1976, a patriotic price) to freeze her chosen price, which was about $2000 lower than $6425. One fellow in the audience protested for more male contestants during a commercial break. Since Bob doesn’t carry that responsibility, he left it all in Rich’s hands. Mariah would come on down shortly after this incident. Folks, somebody has finally escaped the black spot of On the Spot, and that would be Kimberly after trying out each path. Viewers may have been concerned about Crytel staying on 65 cents, but her instinct remained positive through Mariah and Kimberly’s spins of the Big Wheel, each resulting in going over $1.00. Showcase #1 featured a production of “The Prizelight Zone”, starring a dark-haired Rebecca Pribonic as a victim of her own home and Ashley in the role of a black & white clown riding a scooter. Our sergeant has another automobile in addition to his Focus won previously.

Some of y’all may have wanted me to mention Mr. Rod Serling when typing about “The Prizelight Zone” Showcase. Well there you go, I just did!

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