Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6069)

(Original Air Date 9-29-2004)

Switch?: Danielle wins with a “Switch” ; Grandfather Clock ($3075) and Chair ($2449)

Ten Chances: David wins (6 Chances) ; Riding Lawn Mower ($980), Auto Vacuum ($50), and Dodge Neon ($15,730)

Now or Then: Amanda wins (“Then” March 1997); Trip to Scotland

Showcase Showdown #1: David wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Coming or Going: Meighan wins by “Going”; Bed ($3432)

Shell Game: George wins with 4 chips (First Shell Contained Ball); Dining Room Group (+$500)

Money Game: Deloris wins $166; Ford Focus ($14,205)

Showcase Showdown #2: Deloris wins with 95 cents

Showcase: David wins; Trip to New York, Big Screen TV, and Ford Explorer ($53,054 in prizes)

Before our first “Danny-Elle” this year made her grand escape from Contestant’s Row, a piece of cardboard was being held by a member of the audience with words unclear to most viewers’ eyes. David is not only the proud owner of a DVD Player and discs, but also every single prize he’s won with 10 chances to use wisely. Fortunately, he wised up when writing the correct price of $50 on his fourth chance, which the audience and Bob had doubt was there even being its reveal. Bride Amanda’s first thoughts on the items’ prices featured in Now or Then were less than positive, but she would eventually prevail with only one mistake left behind. David managed to surpass his female opponents during Showcase Showdown #1 with a combined total of 20 and 80 cents. “Old Hippie” (see shirt) Mignonette’s style of coming on down consisted of a little dance (Rich laughed after Bob mentioned it) and her version of hopscotch. Speaking of Mig (hope she doesn’t mind this short form), she meant to say $1800 as her bid on the storage shed once containing Miss Pribonic and Miss Tuite, but she mistakenly pronounced it with an extra zero ($18,000). Nether the less, the shed ($600-$700 range) costs much less than either prices and Meighan’s $1 bid won her way up for the biggest decision of her day, whether she’s “Coming or Going” to win a bed. Loyal friends & true George and Connie (in the audience) celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on today’s Price, but it was this fellow who won an extra $500 after going mistake free in the popular Shell Game. We were this close (two Ford Focus price digits left)) to a perfect show again, but unfortunately Deloris had no knowledge of “el-cheapo”, as someone shouted in the audience. George may have missed the 80 cents during his second spin in order to surpass Deloris’ score of 95, but a $500 bonus remains something worth telling friends and family about. David earned himself a Showcase including a 65-inch TV set; perfect for all those DVD movies he won before taking six out of Ten Chances.

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