Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6068)

(Original Air Date 9-28-2004)

Half Off: Kathleen lost (3 Halves; Box #1 contained $10,000)

Bonkers: Charlotte wins; Trip to Singapore ($2989)

Cover Up: Rebekah wins; Pontiac Vibe ($18,720)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kathleen wins with 75 cents

One Right Price: Peggy wins; Treadmill and Dining Room Table ($1195)

Any Number: Keith wins; Pontiac Sunfire ($15,820)

Pick A Pair: Salah wins (Dog Food and Cleaner $3.99) ; Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Salah wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Kathleen wins; Grill, Motorcycle, and Boat ($26,571 in prizes)

Before Kathleen participated in an exciting start (a chance to win $10,000), she was actually booed by some members of the audience for bidding $1 over her neighboring contestant. For the second time in Year 33, Half Off’s grand prize of $10,000 was not won, which I believe should have happened with the choices of Box #1 & #8 in front of Kathleen’s eyes. Camera was already focused on Charlotte’s section of the audience before Rich called her to come on down, extending her wedding anniversary celebration with husband J.B. Yet another expansion in Charlotte and J.B.’s anniversary plans, a trip to Singapore after conquering Bonkers without neither Bob, nor the audience making her live up to the game’s name. Rebekah representing the group Bob referred to as one of the many bright folks that watch Price only seconds ago appeared to have no idea of which spot in Contestant’s Row belonged to her. After Rebekah became the third contestant in a row to escape from the right end of Contestant’s Row, some coincidental humor between Cover Up and her shirt revealing the mid section (stomach for the rest of y’all). Showcase Showdown #1 featured a 3-way tie on 85 cents, later a small move of the Big Wheel by Charlotte in which very observant viewers may consider “cheating”. If it were, she would’ve been likely to spin again. Bob noticed audience member Lawrence sitting in the front row wearing a shirt offering chauffeurs service for Price’s Rachel after viewing the Year 32 show featuring her Lucky 7 collision. Peggy of the “Terrible Trio”, as Bob called today’s first 3 contestants besides Kathleen, finally escaped to play One Right Price, followed by Any Number’s Keith. Salah (excellent name to say) ended the breakup of the “Terrible Trio” for one unlucky young lady who wanted to change her bid (to a winning one) earlier, but was too one second too late and Charlotte was the one to escape. Showcase #1 gave Price the chance to fight back against today’s examples of prime time “game shows”, such as Fear Factor, Joe Millionaire, and American Idol (produced by Fremantle Media which stole, er I mean bought out Mark Goodson Productions during the Pearson years). After winning said Showcase in which Salah passed, Kathleen earned herself a handshake from our announcer Mr. Rich Fields.

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