Friday, December 24, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6129)

3 Strikes: Rochelle wins (2 Strikes); Cadillac Deville ($47,190)

Grand Game: Caleb wins $10.00 (Target Price: $6.00)

Bonkers: Brooke wins (1 ¾ seconds left); Trip to The Netherlands ($7206)

Showcase Showdown #1: Brooke wins with 45 cents

Secret X: Joseph wins (X at the Bottom); Chevy Aveo

Cover Up: Kevin lost; Pontiac Sunfire ($17,410)

Double Prices: Lisa wins; Spa ($8600)

Showcase Showdown #2: Joseph wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Brooke wins; “Double Showcase Winner” of the “Hearing Impaired Santa” Showcase, Range, Bed, Ford Explorer and “Santa and the Unsympathetic Therapist” Showcase, Laptop Computer, Trip to the Bahamas, Ski Boat ($72,750 in prizes)

“Ho, Ho, Ho” were the on screen words to start off today’s Christmas Eve edition, along with a zoom shot of a couple of fellows with the names “Marc” & “John” (no relation, by the way), and our first four lineup. After Bob made his entrance through the audience for the second time this week, he pointed our attention toward the Christmas tree at the back of the studio now up for bids. Not only would Rochelle win herself a tree for Christmas time, but also an excellent, yet enormous gift to place under the tree (it’s a possibility). It was the $6.99 Jelly Belly candy that would mark Caleb’s departure from the stage with only $10.00 in prize money. Nevada’s Marylouise escapes her audience crew minus her Santa Clause hat, so in place of it Bob placed a similar one on the top of her head. Brooke finished Bonkers during the very last second; or else she’d go bonkers herself in an unhappy manner. Vicki wearing a yellow shirt with a picture of Bob’s face during his preparatory school days would lead to the introduction of Bob’s former fellow student Billy. Sorry folks, Vicki never quite learned her tour guide’s last name, but expect Bob to speak with Billy eventually. Our latest decoration up for bids was a reef, which was nowhere on the Turntable or the three doors at the time of this bidding process. Atlanta’s very own Kevin escapes Contestant’s Row full of joy from here to his farewell along with Lisa (both tied 90 cents) during Showcase Showdown #2. With the winter season upon our quarter of the world, Lisa of Bakersfield, California (soon to be “Barkersfield”, if all goes well) is guaranteed to stay warmer over the next few months thanks to this Spa. Today’s Showcases featured a deaf Mr. Clause thanks to heavy metal music, a therapist in need of therapy herself, and a 2005 Ford Explorer. We end our last new show for 2004 with a bang; a type of bang worth over $72,000+ in prizes won today.

(Well folks, we have survived another year with our weekday hour of game show excellence. Viewers who missed some of Year 33’s previous shows will have their second chance from Monday until January, when “The Ultimate Survivor” as CBS dubbed Bob a few years ago, our excellent crew on and off camera, and of course the contestants return with all new shows starting in January. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may the future of Price remain bright as a new General Electric light bulb. Almost forgot, the chance at least some form of winter precipitation remains in Mobile, Alabama.)

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