Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6126)

Plinko: Merritt wins $12,500 with 5 Plinko chips

Race Game: Robert wins Punchbowl Set; Dining Room Table, Piano, Curio Cabinet

That’s Too Much: Shirley lost; Chevy Equinox ($23,745)

Showcase Showdown #1: Merritt wins with 40 cents

Check Game: Frederick lost (Check for $2600); Bed ($3606)

Pass the Buck: Amy wins $5000 (Behind Card #6); Card #1 contained Pontiac Vibe

Most Expensive: Darrick wins; Trip to New Orleans, New York (Most Expensive $4025), and Nashville

Showcase Showdown #2: Amy wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Merritt wins; “Tied” Showcase, Collection of Candy, Washer & Dryer, Sailboat, and Chevy Roadster ($63,471 in prizes)

My fellow Central Time Zone viewers (and Eastern Time viewers too), we have survived another cycle to see Bob make his entrance through the audience on the second day of a week full of Christmas decorations and themes. No wonder Merritt ran off for the top of the Plinko board before even earning the free Plinko chip, Bob keeping her almost perfectly still before and during Rich’s big news was building pressure that only those who experienced Plinko can understand. Newlywed and Los Angeles police officer Robert saved the show budget wise after winning only the least expensive prize in the Race Game lineup, which was $300. Shirley escapes both row in the audience and Contestant’s Row for a prize she’d surely enjoy as a Christmas gift (plus a kiss on Bob’s cheek, gaining plenty of audience “awwws”), but unfortunately she would leave the stage minus that. Robert’s powerful spins during Showcase Showdown #1 only lead to a score of 35 cents, only shy of the 90 needed in addition to his first score of 10. Frederick is the latest in a long line of Check Game players who once didn’t know about the game. To both Frederick and Bob’s surprise the combination of the check and Bed’s price means no new sleeping furniture in Indiana by only about $200 over. Amy escapes Contestant’s Row with luck on her side and it came handy when choosing Card #6 with only one chance. “She took my bid, dog!” was Michigan’s very own Darrick’s response before placing his winning bid. Darrick’s logical choice of choosing a city “clear across the country” won himself a trip across the land. Today’s first Showcase featured a Turntable full of candy, some Tied courtesy of Proctor & Gamble, and a Chevy Roadster resembling a car more than a truck. We end today’s show around the now confirmed truck.

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