Friday, December 17, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6124)

Lucky 7: Alice lost; Dodge Caravan ($19,83 )

Punch A Bunch: Michael wins $100 with 3 Punches

One Wrong Price: Jonathan wins; Home Gym, Daybed (Wrong Price: $1800), and a Pair of Patio Heaters

Showcase Showdown #1: Michael wins with 90 cents

Flip Flop: James lost by “flopping”; Sailboat ($5785)

Card Game: Richard lost ($1500 difference); Ford Focus ($18,165)

Now or Then: Amanda lost (“Then” September 1996); Trip to Canada

Showcase Showdown #2: James wins with $1.00 + 5 cents ($6000)

Showcase: James wins; Portable DVD Player, Trip to Monte Carlo, and Pontiac GTO 2 ($50,726 in prizes)

All Alice had to ask was “What was his (Jonathan) bid?” before placing her winning bid of $2000 on a Refrigerator, earning the opportunity of playing Lucky 7. As Alice and Bob spoke about her California residence and crew, both this conversation and Alice’s state of shock kept her eyes away from the Caravan even as the entire audience was in uproar. Hopefully Alice’s status didn’t effect her use of the 7-dollar bills in Lucky 7. After Bob gained Michael’s attention, he made the bid that would lead to Christmas trees, a trio of small prizes along with 3 punches, and a $100 slip at the end. Jonathan wearing a shirt featuring the words celebrating crewmember Lance’s 18th year of life joins Bob on the walk to One Wrong Price, plus our contestant had the nerve to utter “Bobby”, which Bob hasn’t been known as since his days as a lad. James representing the “fine specimens of manhood” tried his luck at Flip Flop rather quick, but he managed to refrain from pushing the red to allow Bob to build up the moment. I swore that before Richard found the $1500 card at the beginning of Card Game, a member of our audience said, “That’s not the Card Game”, which somewhat shocks me even though the outer appearance of the game was changed slightly, yet the design and shape remain the same. Despite an entire section of the audience causing Richard’s lost, he still enjoyed this moment on Price and managed to say hello to his Montana softball team. “Be quiet y’all”, says Brenda of Contestant’s Row trying to speak with Bob, who he and Rich agree with. Amanda was the one to finally escape this time for the opportunity of winning a Canadian holiday, a lifelong dream by the way. She still has a chance of visiting Canada, via either the Big Wheel or a Showcase featuring cash. After saying hello to all the nice folks who signed her shirt before attending today’s show, Amanda’s spin would end up at 90 cents, all after James earned himself $1.00. Not even the audience’s chanting of “10!” could save Amanda’s chance at a Canadian holiday or even becoming $1,000 richer at least among what she could have won from here to the Showcase. After revealing the price of James’ Showcase, Bob had to remind our winner that he’s won, earning him a barrel of laughs from Rich. We end today’s show with James in the middle of his large crew in white shirts.

(Next week, Price’s set will be decorated for Christmas, marking the end of the amazing year of 2004 for the show. Good day!)

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