Monday, November 29, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6110)

Range Game: Wanda wins; Trip to Amsterdam ($6472)

Safe Crackers: Hannah lost (Combination: $430); Chevy Aveo and Food Processor

Let ‘Em Roll: Monica wins with 3 Rolls; Chevy Cavalier

Showcase Showdown #1: Hannah wins with 85 cents

One Right Price: Edwardo wins; Dining Room Table ($2955) and Drum Set

Bonus Game: David wins all 4 Squares (Bonus at the Bottom); Living Room Group

That’s Too Much: Marcela wins; Pontiac Sunfire ($16,780)

Showcase Showdown #2: Edwardo wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Hannah wins; Chinaware, Outdoor Gym, Trip to Aruba, and Trailer ($27,966 in prizes)

Not only our first prize up for bids was a swing, but a swing with canopy. That historic $6 bid of Monica’s didn’t stand chance against Wanda’s winning bid in the $1200-$1300 range, which won her way on stage for a game as Bob would say shortly “as you know”. Thanks to her 32-year journey and advice from her younger brother Lonnie, Wanda bearing pants with “Canada” on the back of them is taking a The Netherlands (or Holland to some folks) holiday. Good audience advice would go on the way side once Hannah had the opportunity of cracking a safe using the digits of a Food Processor’s price. The same Monica who placed a $6 bid previously escapes Contestant’s Row with a less than historic bid for some cube rolling in Bob’s latest attempt at giving away an automobile (with interference by a certain cube stick), plus plenty of amusing lines showing her hope & joy. After causing confusion down in Contestant’s Row, we would discover that Dorothy is the other half of a group of two. A Dining Room Group and Drum Set won’t be the only prizes Edwardo shall be returning home to Illinois with. Ryan who loves New York City (according to his shirt) and bid $1 was given the advice to sit down after the bell for a perfect bid rang, which was for David. By the way, the Turntable revealed Bonus Game in a side shot seconds before Bob and David arrived. After saying, “That’s Too Much” in a way worthy of audience boos, Marcela corrected her shout and found out she stopped at the right time. Hannah’s soon to be won Showcase featured cardboard cut outs of humans, dogs, and a box of eatable morsels. Rich managed to reach the door featuring the Trailer in the midst of an enormous number of crewmembers Hannah brought along.

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