Friday, November 26, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6058) (Original Air Date 6-18-2004)

Lucky 7: Seema wins ($3 left); Dodge Caravan ($22,875)

Swap Meet: Nicholas lost (Drum Set $300); Punch Set ($300), Armoire, and Washer & Dryer

Grand Game: Wendy wins $10,000 (Target Price $6.25)

Showcase Showdown #1: Wendy wins with 80 cents

Magic #: Brandi lost (Magic # was $1004); Dining Room Table and Exercise Equipment

Master Key: Emily wins Cookware; Trip to San Diego and Ford Mustang

Check Game: James wins (Check for $3000); Bed ($2783)

Showcase Showdown #2: Brandi wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Brandi wins; Living Room Group, TV, and Boat ($26,070 in prizes)

Anyone happened to spot 2 fellows in suits in the audience? No need to check my VHS tape again, since they can be clearly seen a few rows from Contestant’s Row. Seema managed to encourage Bob to say “Hi” to her mother Mia, along with him jokingly saying “Mia, you didn’t bring her up right”. It was too late for Nicholas to change his choice of the Washer & Dryer having having the same price as the Drum Set. Bob even counted each drum (5) to figure out if they value up to a Washer & Dryer. Wendy was lucky her fellow contestants in Contestant’s Row all overbid, which gave her the chance to bid right on those 2 recliners. As Bob explained her current Grand Game situation, a majority of the audience chanted “ointment!” (Blue Star Ointment). Roger tried his best to calm the excitable Wendy shortly after her Grand Game victory. She has a good reason to be excited, no apartment rent worries for years to come. Yeah, and additional furniture too (as Bob suggested earlier). I must agree with the audience chanting “Seema!” before her Big Wheel spin, it’s as interesting as “Walburga”. I wonder if “Brandi” is the actual spelling of her name? Either that or she’s a fanatic of Price’s very own Brandi. If only she had seen her mother pointing up, Brandi would have won in Magic #. Emily managed to win herself some Cookware, aside from a Ford Mustang and a trip home in San Diego. James demonstrates his check writing skills in the Check Game, a game he actually knows. Brandi surprises all with a score of 95 cents in Showcase Showdown #2. Showcase #1 featured “flaps”, as in flapjacks cooked over not an amateur, but a professional range. Brandi conquers all odds in today’s Showcase and celebrates with her crew, including her “up pointing” mother. Yep, Mr. Rich Fields joined in on the celebration.

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