Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6109)

Half Off: Haily wins $10,000 (2 Halves and Box #5)

Switch?: Sherry wins with a “Switch”; Motorcycle and Dining Room Table

Ten Chances: Timothy wins Blender ($40), Recliner ($810); Pontiac Grand AM ($23,190)

Showcase Showdown #1: Haily wins with $1.00 + 15 cents ($6000)

Double Prices: Samuel wins; Entertainment Center and 36-inch TV Set ($6618)

Cover Up: Kelli wins; Chrysler Sebring ($26,529)

Hi Lo: Musa lost; Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Samuel wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Samuel wins; “All About Locks” Showcase, Safe, Cruise of the Panama Canal, and Cadillac DeVille ($62,346 in prizes)

This particular Haily (another variation of the multi gender name “Haley”), who would become the first contestant to come on down and join Bob on stage happened to be the female kind. We were close to a Pricing Game error, but Haily re-informed Bob about the item she believed is priced half-off, which was correct. With only 4 boxes to choose from, the chances were very high that Box #5 would contain $10,000 in cash. Before Haily let her prize money our on the floor, Bob assured us that Stage 33 (including cameramen and the folks backstage) is ready for this moment, all except him unfortunately. Despite Bob supposedly left outside the up and ready crowd, Haily had the will power to set free the dollars in that box. Timothy of Contestant’s Row celebrating his 1st wedding anniversary admits that his wife in the audience is “the boss” both here at a home, explaining those bids before escaping for Ten Chances. Sherry has waited 32 years of her life to visit Price and she would leave us without forgetting to say, “thank you so much”. Timothy also admitted that he has no knowledge of Ten Chances, but at least he showed the knowledge of pricing a couple of prizes with only 4-3 digits to choose from. Unaware of what Haily’s score on the Big Wheel would surprisingly turn out to be, Timothy just stood under the scoreboard looking on and sweating. The lady in pink may have never escaped the audience, but her husband Samuel would and eventually he escaped Contestant’s Row at the same time. Kelli “Our Little Bride”, as Bob would dub the honeymooner during Showcase Showdown #2, took the narrowing down approach into consideration during Cover Up. For the 3rd time in a row, our next contestant to come on down was the next one to come up on stage. Musa now holds that title for today, but first he must focus on the game, which like all Pricing Games has its high and low moments. We end this abbreviated week’s worth of new Price with Samuel, his home crew, and the lady in pink giving Bob what appeared to be a kiss at the very last second of the show.

(May your Turkey Day, your Recognition of the North American Pilgrims Day, your Day of Thankfulness, your Pre-Thanksgiving Sales Day, and overall your Thanksgiving Day be among the best.)

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