Monday, November 22, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6107)

Clock Game: Sylva wins (7 Seconds Left); Chaise ($759) and Range ($899) (+$1000)

Plinko: Giacomo wins $21,500 with 4 Plinko Chips

One Away: Amanda wins; Chevy Malibu Max ($23,195)

Showcase Showdown #1: Giacomo wins with 95 cents

Pushover: Amy lost; Snowmobile ($8084)

Pick A Pair: Andrew wins (Hair Spray and Tylenol cost $3.49); Dining Room Group

Dice Game: Jacquelyn wins (Rolled a “4”); Chevy Colorado ($23,415)

Showcase Showdown #2: Amy wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Giacomo wins; “The Price is Right Diner” Showcase, Washer & Dryer, Sauna, and Ford Explorer (Excluding Sandwich on Hood) ($55,915 in prizes)

It didn’t take too long for the camera to catch up with Jacquelyn making the way to join her fellow first four contestants. Sylva of the “St. Louis Couzins Love Bob” gang may know the legendary Clock Game, but she would surprisingly admit to only knowing how to play it “sort of”. After narrowing down the Chaise’s price, Bob twice attempted to describe the moments leading up to this, but decided to quit while he was ahead. Giacomo may have won only 3 more Plinko chips, but he had an excellent “middle-left drop” strategy for the Plinko board, expect future Plinko players to be trying this $10,000 strategy in the not-too-distant future. After the first break, Bob gives mention to a group of uniformed sailors (including future contestant Lieutenant Andrew) and a lady in civilian clothing who managed to identify herself to Bob during the commercial break. Due to her lip-gloss and the high possibility of getting it on Bob’s cheek, Amanda resorted to requesting a simple hug, but in return all she received was “a shake” (which also gave Rich something to laugh about) as in a handshake for the rest of y’all. Yep, the Chevy Malibu Max won today is “all new” as Rich described it, excluding the names “Chevy” or “Chevrolet”. Before all 3 winners took a spin of the Big Wheel, Bob acknowledged the hot streak of winners since the previous show taped, which aired last Friday of course. Perfect timing to have a Utah contestant play Pushover for a Snowmobile, but unfortunately for Amy that vehicle cost almost $2000 more than originally thought. Andrew escapes Contestant’s Row for his latest assignment instructions courtesy of Bob. The mission of pairing items priced $3.49 was successfully accomplished without a mistake. Jacquelyn (requested to be called “Jackie”) representing a number of brides under Stage 33’s roof and bearing a purple “Barker’s Bride” shirt finally escapes Contestant’s Row to throw large red dices rather than roll. This acceptable strategy worked! Before taking a spin of the Big Wheel during Showcase Showdown #2, Amy referred to herself as the “loser” who ended the 2 day Pricing game winning streak, but that word wouldn’t apply no more after earning a spot in today’s Showcase. Here’s a rare find, the Trailer featured in Amy’s Showcase was among the micro variety. No Showcase overbids today, but it was Giacomo who prevailed at the end with a total prize package almost $56,000.

(Folks, after Friday’s show I discovered some bad news on CBS’ Price site, especially for those still sensing hope for the ailing modeling position. This Zubaydah turns out not the only new face this year, as Price viewers will be seeing a few more modeling around prizes in early 2005. I may not know exactly why the folks at Price must continue doing this to themselves and the loyalists, but I know that each change in the modeling position leaves a smile on the faces on a certain Holly, a Diane, a bunch of Fremantle Media heads, and maybe even a Claudia. Hang on and keep the faith folks, there’s no way we’re letting this continue on until Bob hangs up the long microphone for good.)

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