Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6105)

Lucky 7: Ann Claire wins ($1 left); Buick Century ($23,425)

Half Off: Hashim wins $10,000 (3 Halves and Box #10)

Bonkers: Arnetta lost; Trip to Brazil ($4545)

Showcase Showdown #1: Arnetta wins with 70 cents

Step Up: Dennis wins Tea Trolley, Motorcycle, and Vacuum (+$1500, excluding Lounge Chair)

Money Game: Raymond wins; Jeep Wrangler ($18,530)

Hit Me: Jennifer wins (Hits 21); Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Raymond wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Arnetta wins; Bedroom Group, 50-inch TV Set, and Spa ($19,276 in prizes)

It appeared Arnetta was actually slapping her way on down too, but according to many other eyes viewing today’s excursion, she was actually landing some high fives on her fellow audience members. Before even realizing that a Buick Century was preparing to make its way on stage, Ann Claire already gave Bob the hug she’s been waiting for every since becoming a Price viewer. Like many other great Lucky 7 players, Ann Claire understood the situation between her, the last digit and that $1 she’s holding. This climatic moment would end with her getting that last number exactly right. After Summer and Cowboy the Greyhound made their world debut, Hashim escapes Contestant’s Row with a couple of leaps of joy in store. Once again, Box #10 was among the 2 boxes left in “Box Central” and Hashim, including the audience felt lucky about 10. Yep, even the camera fellow playing the role of home viewers (camera moved up and down) felt some luck in old 10. Arnetta actually took the Big Wheel very seriously according to Bob, so for the rest of Showcase Showdown #1 she was barefooted. We would learn that Hashim is the inheritor of his mother’s 30+ year loyalty to Price, whom he said hello to during his Big Wheel spin. Chicago’s very won Dennis (that was reference to WGN-TV’s slogan, in case you were wondering) decided not to risk everything on that $1900+ Lounge Chair before picking the Motorcycle, even though the former costs more than the Tea Trolley. Raymond joins Bob at last to show off his colorful attire and his Money Game skills. Jennifer the braided haired one finally escapes Contestant’s Row just in time to demonstrate her blackjack knowledge to the fullest extent. Raymond managed to topple each one of our previous contestants’ scores near the very end today’s Showcase Showdown #2. Now $1000 richer, Raymond tried to win himself a Showcase with a “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” theme, but it would be Arnetta’s excellent Showcase bid with a difference in the $700-$800 range that would bring out those tears of joy.

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