Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6104)

Check Game: Nanouschka lost (Check for $2895) Iron Bed ($3699)

Plinko: Donald wins $12,500 with 4 Plinko chips

Line ‘Em Up: Kristi wins; Book Shelf, Shark Stapler, Baseball Trading Cards, and Dodge Dakota ($19,840)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kristi wins with 75 cents

Clearance Sale: Ruth lost; Gas Range, Cross Trainer, and Bar Set

Pass the Buck: Danyce wins $3000 (Card #5); Ford Focus (Behind Card #3)

Squeeze Play: Chris lost ($3446) Entertainment Cabinet and 37-inch TV Set (with Headphones)

Showcase Showdown #2: Danyce wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Kristi wins; “Around the World” Showcase, GPS System, Trip to Aruba, Spain, and Hong Kong ($48,355)

After successfully pronouncing Nanouschka’s name correctly, she managed to make Bob rather proud of himself. While he was proud, Bob admits to still having a liking for names like “Bill “ and “Don”, or in this case Donald of Contestant’s Row. Nanouschka’s escape from Contestant’s Row to land what she called a “big, fat kiss” on Bob created great anticipation from our announcer Rich and a fellow member of Price’s staff as they looked on. After years of being looked after (or “babysat” to some folks) by Bob on her TV set, Nanouschka’s Check Game experience began on a note of kidding everyone. Even though she never took the audience suggestion of $3000 into consideration, Nanouschka’s would have ended up with a void check either way. Among the audience today is a family spelling out with the letters (and heart) on the shirts is “Four Generations (Heart) Bob”, which received Bob’s “well adjusted family” seal of approval. We must wait until Sylvia representing the group is summoned and allow contestants such as Donald the break the streak of Plinko prize totals below $10,000. Before Donald received his 3 extra Plinko chips, viewers and loyalists witnessed one of the consequences (and that’s the truth) bestowed on Price’s modeling position. Not only did Bob have trouble referring to Shane’s name once in the past, but the one belonging to this new lady too. No mistakes were made during Kristi’s playing of Line ‘Em Up, neither in the Showcase Showdown #1 lineup. Members of the audience were actually booing Donald after beating Nanouschka’s score of 35 cents. Ruth’s Clearance Sale brought out admission out of the majority of Price’s audience that they don’t know what exactly the prizes featured cost. Danyce managed to get both “Lose Everything” spots on the Pass the Buck board before becoming $3000 richer. Sylvia bearing the “E” shirt joined the Contestant’s Row “effort” of tying the all-time record of overbids, which was a complete success. Unfortunately for everyone and Bob looking forward to an historic moment, Chris broke the run for 5 Contestant’s Row overbids only to eventually remove the wrong number in Squeeze Play. Make that $4000 richer for Showcase contestant Danyce. My goodness, what a load Kristi has left the stage with!

(The name of the latest member of the critically ill Price modeling position is………Zubaydah! That’s right, like many well-known singers and cultural figures, this young lady is only known by her first name.)

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