Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6103)

2 For The Price of 1: Cari wins (Picked First Digit); Pontiac Sunfire and Lamps ($597)

Let ‘Em Roll: Roberto wins with 2 Rolls + 1; Chevy Cavalier and Tires

Coming or Going: Michael wins by “Coming”; Bed ($3792)

Showcase Showdown #1: Cari wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Most Expensive: Noah lost; Bar Set (Most Expensive: $2910), Banjo, and Electric Fireplace

Shell Game: Kimberly wins with 4 Shells (Ball Under Shell #1; No $500); Spa

That’s Too Much: Leovardo lost; Ford F-150 ($22,010)

Showcase Showdown #2: Noah wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Cari wins; “The Price is Right Summer Games” (with Shane as the athlete) Showcase Espresso Machine, Kitchen Group, and Chrysler Crossfire ($58,024 in prizes) Distinguished

Seconds after Price loyalist Cari’s bid and tremendous audience applause, the emergency alert system test was activated muting Price’s audio, leaving Cari’s victory in silence for Mobile/Pensacola viewers until Rich’s description of her future automobile. Our next contestant to come on down was summoned by the misspelled version of her last name and that happened to be Roberto. Bob managed to end Roberto’s sudden state of shock by “giving away another one of these”, as in another automobile successfully won. That’s right, someone whose television viewing is way below the national average has won Let ‘Em Roll. Cari managed to earn what Michael attempted to pull off (literally, he moved the Big Wheel shortly after stopping on a nickel), a $1.00 but no more than $1000. After the break, Bob acknowledged a mistake in the Showcase Showdown line up, which either way it wouldn’t have effected the outcome. After finding out that the Bar Set’s table is granite marble, Noah decided to pick the least expensive prize of all unfortunately. Newlywed Kimberly witnessed Bob’s attempt at making her chance of winning the last shell a climatic moment as audience applause managed to break that up. No broken climax by the audience as Bob lifted the shells for Kimberly, only to discover that she and husband Carson (along with pets Tiny and Banana) won’t be $500 richer. Leovardo (or Leonardo as Bob first assumed) demonstrated how even the toughest of the Navy would say, “That’s Too Much!” yet when his time came a whole different saying was still accepted. No mistakes in the latest Showcase Showdown lineup, folks. Noah took a peek at his group in the audience for a bid of $20,000, which he quickly changed to $15,000. After Noah went over, Cari would join her crew around the second automobile won. Shane didn’t run around the Crossfire again, in case y’all were wondering.

(Folks, have you noticed a difference in Price’s ill modeling position today? Not only did viewers witness yet another rotation, but also yet another new face with a name I must withheld until further confirmation. If longtime Boston Red Sox fans can “Believe”, so can Price loyalists in a stable modeling position, as long as it doesn’t over 80 years.)

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