Friday, October 29, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6091)

Make Your Move: Yvette wins; Cookie Jar ($75), Dining Room Table ($589) 65-inch TV ($4899)

It’s in the Bag: Boze wins $2000

Money Game: Matthew wins $188; Ford Ranger ($15,023)

Showcase Showdown #1: Yvette wins with 90 cents

Squeeze Play: Patricia lost; Trip to St. Thomas ($7032)

5 Price Tags: Richard lost (3 Chances) ; Chrysler PT Cruiser ($18,810)

One Wrong Price: Jacob wins; Chairs, Electric Guitars, and Dinnerware (Wrong Price: $2151)

Showcase Showdown #2: Patricia wins with 40 cents

Showcase: Yvette wins; “Witch Prizemazelda” Showcase, $1000 in cash, Brass Bed, Ford Focus ($30,048 in prizes)

Not only did Yvette (bearing the “I ‘Heart’ TPIR and that’s the Truth & Consequences” shirt) share her story of viewing “Truth or Consequences” thanks to her mother’s extension of her bedtime schedule, but also gave home viewers’ a glimpse of Rich at the announcer’s podium. Boze (yep, both Bob and Rich pronounced his name correctly) stuck with Bob until “popular demand” forced him to quit after winning what remains a large amount of money. Representing Bob’s Disciples, University of Virginia’s Matthew relied on his fellow followers (neither one John, nor Luke) for the Ranger’s price. During Boze’s spin, members of the audience chanted “Bo-Zee, Bo-Zee!” Patricia had 2 choices to make, but which “0” digit had to go? Unfortunately for her, the second “0” was meant to be removed. Richard joins us in celebration of his first wedding anniversary, with a surprise gift at stake. “No, says the board”, quoting Bob after Richard made his first choice. Jacob was close to creating a 3-way tie during Showcase Showdown #2, but his miss would give our bright haired one Patricia a chance of conquest. Yvette’s Showcase (which she openly added up, but decided to stay on the safe side) featured cauldrons, pumpkins, and approval under California law. Patricia’s Showcase featured our witch from the previous Showcase, cauldrons not included. We end this week’s shows with the crew gathered in front of the Brass Bed. Happy Halloween!

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