Monday, October 25, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6087)

Half Off: Bonnie lost (1 Half; Picked Box #2); Box #15 contained $10,000

Coming or Going: Andrew lost by “Going”; Trip to Spain ($6865)

Temptation: Kelly lost; Telescope, Bowl of Cash ($663), Stemware, 27-inch TV, and Ford Mustang Coup ($18,345)

Showcase Showdown #1: Bonnie wins with 55 cents

1 Right Price: Arlene lost; Aerobics Stepper and Dining Room Table ($1977)

Cover Up: Thomas lost; Pontiac Sunfire ($15,820)

Pick A Pair: Chita wins (Brown Rice and Pasta Sauce Cost $1.99); Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Chita wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Chita wins; Hockey Equipment, Computer, and Ford Freestar ($34,761 in prizes)

Bonnie representing both the schools of Mary Land and living proof that “Teachers Love Bob” (according to her shirt) earns the chance to prove her knowledge of 50% off items. Unfortunately, her 4th grade class had to witness their teacher relying on pure luck and hope that Box #2 contains $10,000 in cash. Oh well, like Bob said, both Bonnie and Andrew have a chance to spin the Big Wheel. By the way, Box #15 was my first pick in “Box Central”. We would find out from Kelly after escaping Contestant’s Row that the nicest moment in her life recently was meeting Bob in person. That remark earned her a kiss on the forehead, but no luck was granted for the latest playing of Temptation. It took less than a minute for Arlene to escape both the audience and Contestant’s Row, only to discover the hard way that Aerobic Steppers ($1000 today) such as the one featured are nowhere near $2000. Before Thomas took a whack at becoming today’s first winner, yet he eventually would became another “I’ll see you at the Big Wheel story”, he and Bob discussed the state of the show and the fact that only 68 out of 6087 shows spanning 33 years had no winners. It was new apartment owner Chita who saved today’ s show and relieved some pressure (especially Rich) in everyone witnessing. Our savior of today’s show also won herself $1000 as a bonus, plus a couple of congratulatory hugs from Thomas and Arlene. Our heroine Chita and her Arizona crew crowded the Turntable before celebrating around her van.

(Today’s edition of the CBS Evening News featured a piece on a latest in outdoor and indoor products, a stealth remote control that can control almost every TV set thanks to special codes. A recent edition of “Price”, along with opponent “The View” were among the programs featured on the TV sets shut off in this segment.)

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