Monday, August 30, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6044) (Original Air Date 5-24-2004)

Flip Flop: Cynthia lost; Piano ($8918)

Spelling Bee: Treffaney wins (CAR Card); Chevy Aveo

One Wrong Price: Roland lost; Washer/Dryer, Recliner (Wrong Price), and Cradle

Showcase Showdown #1: Roland wins with 85 cents

Check Game: Randall wins (Check for $1750); Pair of Motorcycles ($3928)

Cover Up: Christopher lost; Ford Escape ($20,617)

Hit Me: Judith lost; Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Judith wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Judith wins; Dodgers Baseball Camp, TV/VCR/DVD, and Boat ($26,487 in prizes)

Starr was demonstrating the piano that Cynthia would never play due to her failing to flop instead of just flipping. Telling by her continuous jumping in Contestant’s Row, Treffaney had something in store for everyone, which included a plan at conquering Spelling Bee either way (CAR Card and Spelling “Car”). One of the chosen cards got itself a brief close up. Roland representing the peanut capital of the world (located in Virginia) unfortunately believed the price of the Cradle was wrong. Could it be that Roland did that on purpose to avoid winning a Cradle among others? Randall showed off his experience in writing checks during today’s playing of the Check Game and yes he actually knows the rules of the game itself. The first 2005 model of any motor vehicle offered Price was the Ford Escape. Judith was very lucky that Mary didn’t bid $1 more than her during the second bidding process in Contestant’s Row. Somewhere along the line, Judith got lost while playing Hit Me. Judith’s “hellos” as the Big Wheel was spinning almost sounded like a speech. Nope, no Double Showcase Overbid today!

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