Friday, August 27, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6038) (Original Air Date 5-14-2004)

Range Game: Alan lost; Trip to St. Martins Islands ($6080)

Pathfinder: Mary lost; Ford F-150 ($22,370)

Race Game: Edith wins Flashlights and Stove; Dining Room Table and Dresser

Showcase Showdown #1: Mary wins with 95 cents

Pick A Number: Evangelina wins by picking “5”; Grand Piano ($8295)

Now or Then: Lloyd lost (“Then 1998”); Jukebox

One Away: Mona wins; Ford Focus ($18,195)

Showcase Showdown #2: Mona wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Mary wins; Living Room Group, Sun Glasses, and Powerboat ($18,617 in prizes)

Alan proved that he’s not quite a loyal friend and true by answering Bob’s question on the exact length of time ‘til the range can start again with “24 hours”. Edith of the Navy’s original bid of $450 now in the hands of Evangelina fortunately wasn’t a big mistake for her, but it was a gain for Mary. She may have stumbled a bit with the rules of the Race Game, but Edith did well proving her loyalty to the show. Lloyd and the rest of Paxton, Illinois must really love Bob (according to the “Paxton, IL loves Bob Barker” shirt) as you can tell by him attempting what Denise (of “Team Bob”) did earlier by stepping on stage and then residing at his spot in Contestant’s Row. Bob only threatened to call security on Lloyd. Another reason why Lloyd was in such a hurry arises after he escapes Contestant’s Row. Turns out that he’s waited a long time to meet Bob up on stage. Mona celebrates her day of birth on today’s show and wins herself the Price viewer’s ultimate gift! Showcase #2 featured Price’s version of phone psychic Miss Cleo, except this one was in no shape or form a scam.

For those wondering over for the past 2 days, y’all can sigh in relief. Rachel is back on the show!

(Here’s something for those interested, even though I’m the opposite of them. During the final edition of “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn”, former Price model Nikki Ziering was summoned twice, starting with Kilborn and a guest. Yep, most if not all audience members were in uproar.)

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