Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6036) (Original Air Date 5-12-2004)

Lucky 7: Anthony wins; Jeep Wrangler ($18,495)

Punch A Bunch: Christina wins $100 with 4 Punches

Grocery Game: Felicia lost; Trip to Mazatlan, Mexico

Showcase Showdown #1: Christina wins with 90 cents

Barker’s Markers: Forrest lost; Bar Set, Baker’s Rack, and Painting

Money Game: Huong wins; Chevy Aveo ($14,335)

Double Prices: Gregory lost; Spa/with AM/FM Radio ($8600)

Showcase Showdown #2: Huong wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Huong wins; Washer/Dryer, Trip to New Orleans, Dodge Dakota ($38,484 in prizes)

For the first time since marrying his wife, something wonderful has come into the life of Anthony shortly after making the request before the eyes of millions. Christina’s winning bid including her lucky #3 (3 kids and 3 grandchildren) won her way out of Contestant’s Row for a little hole punching on the Punchboard. Too bad lucky #3 failed Christina this time after punching out 3 corners of the Punchboard except for the spot located on the top left hand corner. One of the products featured in the Grocery Game was a package of low carbohydrate tortillas. She may have not won by 30 cents on the Big Wheel, but if you multiply that score with the number of Christina’s children or grandchildren, you get 90 cents. 83-year-old John of the audience celebrates both his birthday and wedding anniversary with wife Sylvia on today’s show. Forrest’s run from North Carolina would end at a screeching halt during Showcase Showdown #2 thanks to a relatively short contestant with a big smile under the name Huong. Gregory sporting an arm holding device due injury on a surf board believed to have seen that Spa/AM/FM Radio on a recent show with a price very close to $10,000, but that price in mind cost him victory at Double Prices. According to Roger (no glasses this time), Gregory spinning the Big Wheel was the first time a contestant under the constraints of an injured arm still spun the wheel. Christina used lucky #3 yet again for her Showcase bid. Before our lucky #3 contestant left us, she asked Bob which model is Shane. Her face had plenty of time on camera after Christina’s question.

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