Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Today’s airing of The Price is Right:

-Step Up-

-Grand Game-

-The first 2 contestants lost-

-Money Game- Contestant won $228 and not the car so that doesn’t count as a winner either.

-Showcase Showdown- Contestant that played Step Up (Sheila) won

-Safe Crackers-

-Card Game-

-First 2 contestants of the 2nd half lost-

-Secret “X”- Contestant won

-Showcase Showdown- Contestant that played Safe Crackers (Ethan) won

-Showcase- Sheila won

According to Bob, today was a historic day on The Price is Right. I agree with him. The Flintstones Chewables appeared twice on the show today..once in Grand Game and again as a promotional item before the 2nd showcase showdown.

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