Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6031) (Original Air Date 5-5-2004)

Make Your Move: Jeanette wins; Coffee Maker ($80), Violin ($930), and Bed ($3074)

Hole in One: Sandra wins; Ford Focus (+$500)

Switch?: Christopher lost; Grill and Bar Set

Showcase Showdown #1: Jeanette wins with $1.00 + 5 cents ($6000)

Plinko: Jordan wins $11,100 with 3 Plink Chips

Most Expensive: Rami wins; Treadmill, Cabinet (Most Expensive), and Dining Room Table

Money Game: Nicholas wins; Dodge Dakota ($19,735)

Showcase Showdown #2: Nicholas wins with $1.00 + 15 cents ($6000)

Showcase: Jeanette wins; Living Room Group, Trip to Fiji, Swimwear ($31,461)

Bob confirms that Jeanette actually represents the state of Michigan college (sweatshirt proves that) after jokingly saying that she’s from North Carolina. Neither the audience nor Bob’s failed imitation of The Master’s latest winner of the Green Jacket stopped Sandra from claiming Hole in One victory. Christopher of the Air Force happens to be a pilot for the Thunderbirds air shows. “Monkey Grass”, was shouted by an audience member as Jeanette was about to spin the Big Wheel for a big surprise. After a Bob & Rich conversation in whisper mode, our second Jeanette was called to come on down. Bringing back Plinko for another playing was well worth it today after Jordan’s win of $10,000 with the 3rd Plinko chip and last but not least “the lovely Erika” being the one to give Jordan her other Plinko chips. Not much reaction from the audience after Rami made his decision, but it was probably for the best. “The Power of Thought” (A combination of the minds of Bob, Nicholas, Cameraman Lee, and Roger) was partly responsible for the back half of the truck appearing behind 35. Nicholas (wearing the “Bob is God” shirt) didn’t need “The Power of Thought” to win himself $6000 on the Big Wheel, just the simple thought of giving a shout out to family in the audience, which he did in his own type of manner.

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