Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6030) (Original Air Date 5-4-2004)

Shopping Spree: Wendy wins ($4000+ to spend); Popcorn Cart, Dining Room Table, Art Supplies, and Clock

Punch A Bunch: Evangeline wins $300 with 4 punches

Any Number: Kara wins; Dodge Neon ($15,720)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kara wins with 90 cents

One Wrong Price: Burnett lost; Guitar, Cast Iron Stove, and Cradle

Let ‘Em Roll: Joan wins with 2 rolls: Ford Mustang

Double Prices: Tad wins; Trip to Jamaica ($6010)

Showcase Showdown #2: Tad wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Tad wins; “Mars Rover Showcase” Washer/Dryer, Hot Tub, Buick Century ($35,642 in prizes)

Wendy the red headed police officer from San Diego used her communication skills with the audience to proceed through the entire spending process of Shopping Spree. Evangeline (interesting name!) also communicated-a-plenty with the audience for advice on the spots to punch on the Punchboard, yet a certain fellow out there would lead to way to her final hole punched after a “Second Chance” slip. Should have listened to Bob saying the audience’s so-called “punch advice” doesn’t make a difference. I believe Kara didn’t want to go down in Price history (courtesy of producer/Price historian Roger) as the second contestant to pick every other digit in a car’s price from the second to the very last, which could explain why she picked “9” before saying “0”. Burnett joins Bob not to discuss more Baltimore baseball, but to play One Wrong Price. Joan of the “Sweet, Sweeter, and Sassy Group” and supporter of the SPCA (on the back of shirt) was one of those few contestants to win Let ‘Em Roll with only 2 rolls. After 5 pricing games, Tad finally escapes Contestant’s Row for the path that would lead him to the Showcase. Tad and Burnett managed to pass Bob’s Big Wheel quiz, except for Sweeter Joan who assumed that $500 is won after the wheel stops on a green section during the Bonus Spin. Showcase #1 featured actual photos of Mars (thanks “Spirit” and “Opportunity”), which have Price’s proof of civilization once existing on the planet, such as a traffic light for vehicles such as a Buick Century and a lounge chair with swimwear for, well y’all get the point. Unfortunately for Tad, he’ll never have to the chance to view the foot arches of the lovely Erika up close while on the boar featured in Showcase #2 that Kara ended up with after passing the “Mars Rover Showcase”. Oh well, Tad became today’s Showcase winner anyway!

(Comments for reruns are still welcome! All comments using the word “bouncy” to describe Erika will be ignored. Just kidding, all opinions are allowed.)

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