Monday, July 26, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (Original Air Date 2-9-2004)

Any Number: Nicole wins Chest ($349); Chevy Cavalier ($16,180)

Grand Game: Christina wins $1,000

Most Expensive: Roosevelt wins; Bar Set (most expensive)

Showcase Showdown #1: Roosevelt wins with 95 cents

Push Over: Paula wins; Trip to Alaska ($4327)

One Away: Marlene wins; Ford Mustang ($19,478)

Joker: Jessica lost (Card #2 was Joker); Bed

Showcase Showdown #2: Paula wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Roosevelt wins; Living Room Group, Floor Clock, and Electric Cart

We began this week with Art’s second show as announcer. He may have improved his “come on downs”, but he’s still kind of slow before and during prize descriptions, such as the TPIR Tugboat bringing out the next prize and saying that it was still coming out. Joker, a game rarely played was not won! We have witnessed a “contestant escort” today! A first, according to Bob.

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