Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6056) (Original Air Date 6-17-2004)

Triple Play: Martin wins; Dodge Neon ($16,035) Dodge Dakota ($20,035) Ford Mustang Convertible ($24,725)

Clock Game: Emily wins (7 seconds left); Bestrew Table ($799) and Washer/Dryer ($918) (+$1000)

Bullseye: Eliana lost; Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #1: Eliana wins with 85 cents

Most Expensive: Mahali wins; Refrigerator, Pool Table (Most Expensive), and Baker’s Rack

Secret X: Crystal lost; Trip to China

Dice Game: Horace lost; Ford Taurus ($21,355)

Showcase Showdown #2: Horace wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Horace wins; Bedroom Group, Portable DVD Player, and Spa ($18,635 in prizes)

After Bob’s attempt to make Martin a really big winner “Tony the Tiger” style, we find out Triple Play is soon to be played. The audience is to thank for Martin even reaching the Dodge Dakota, so he relied mostly on them for the rest of the game. Emily, who’s first words to Bob on stage were “I love you!” who’s lucky number happens to be 11 (also the amount of time spent on winning the table), proves her Price knowledge includes the legendary Clock Game. After her Clock Game victory, we find Emily celebrating with Roger & Company a couple of seconds away. If only Eliana didn’t go way off target with the first item (10 boxes of pasta = $25.90), she would have conquered the eye of the bull. Horace’s first bid in Contestant’s Row was neither $2500, $3500, or even $5500, but $4500 on a motorcycle. Mahali performed a Most Expensive victory dance of some sorts for us. April, a “First Four” contestant, unfortunately pull the ultimate comeback of today’s show. At first, it appeared to be an unlucky day for Horace, then the Big Wheel rolled in for him. Our two comeback contestants (thanks to the Big Wheel) witnessed the return of the eliminator of unwanted gifts, the Prizenator (starring Rachel) in Showcase #1, which was later passed to Eliana. It was tough, but Horace managed to pull through at the end, even though his first bid in Contestant’s Row was almost outrageously high. Sorry folks, no Rich on stage since this show was taped before he got himself more time on camera.

(Another more recent show to rerun)

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