Friday, July 16, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#5998) (Original Air Date 3-5-2004)

Clearance Sale: Amanda lost; Lawn Tractor, Dining Room Table, and Cradle

Check Game: Gregory lost; Trip to Hong Kong ($3420)

Pathfinder: Mark lost; Dodge Caravan ($22,465)

Showcase Showdown #1: Mark wins with 50 cents

Switch?: Sara wins with “no switch”; Treadmill and Sofa

It’s In The Bag: Dana wins $4000

Dice Game: Frederick wins; Chevy Cavalier ($16,215)

Showcase Showdown #2: Dana wins with 85 cents

Showcase: Mark wins; 12 Monopoly board games, Trip to Las Vegas, and Chrysler Sebring ($34,198 in prizes)

Bob asks future dentist Gregory about the current condition of his teeth, but quickly moves on to the Check Game. Amazing, he went over $6000 by only $20! Oh well, the check wasn’t fit to be in the bank in its condition anyway (crossed out number and such). Mark of the Navy’s assignment: Walk the path of “Numeral Waters” to a Dodge Caravan. Assignment: Failed! Both Gregory and Amanda ended up with nickels on the Big Wheel. As the price of the sofa was revealed again, part of the sign broke as Candace revealed it. Yep, she should definitely stay with the show! As Dana walked up on stage to play It’s In The Bag, viewers can hear a clear as a whistle “wolf whistle”. I wonder if that “Property of Bob Barker” (not really, or is it?) sweater added to Dana’s beauty some how? Frederick, former General Motors employee, from Salem, Ohio (Population 30,000 – 1, the minus was him on that day), asked the audience for agreement on the second number being higher than 5. Mark’s final mission was to deliver 12 Monopoly board games to the Las Vegas Naval Office in a brand new convertible. Mission: Success!

Richardson (Rich) Fields’ announcing: Improved Fairly Well!

Price Getting Nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards: Success!

Teri’s Hair Size Increase: Unfortunately, negative!

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