Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Today’s airing of The Price is Right (Original Air Date 1-27-04) (Written by Jesse)

-1st IUFB- Air Hockey Table…ARP: $2,295

-Switch?- Mary lost

-2nd IUFB- Diamond Bracelet…ARP: $1,999

-Ten Chances- Brenda won…Prizes were: Fruit Saver ($70), Lamps ($720), and a 2004 Jeep Wrangler SE ($18,590)

-3rd IUFB- Curio Cabinet…ARP: $1,875

-Check Out- Ingrid won…Prize was a Sailboat

-Showcase Showdown- Brenda won with .50

-4th IUFB- Tennis Ball Machine…ARP: $868

-Double Prices- Eric lost

-5th IUFB- Waterless Cookware…ARP: $2,495

-That’s Too Much- Dorothy lost

-6th IUFB- Area Rug…ARP: $1,099

-Bonus Game- Lavern won…Prizes were Greenbrier Furniture and a Spa

-Showcase Showdown- Lavern won with .65

-Showcase- Brenda won…Prizes were a Stereo, Computer, and a brand new 2004 Dodge Caravan…a total of $45,698 in prizes

(A little piece of Jesse’s recaps for the day!)

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