Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6061)

Credit Card: Rachel wins (Credit Limit $2500); TV, Chair, Flatware, Exercise Equipment, and Vacuum

Pushover: Juan lost; Gazebo ($6350)

5 Price Tags: Mary Ann lost with 2 Tags; Ford Mustang ($18,345)

Showcase Showdown #1: Mary Ann wins with 95 cents

Switch?: Ronald wins with a “Stay”; Clock and Dining Room Table

That’s Too Much: Johnsie lost; Pontiac Grand AM ($19,145)

Pick A Pair: Maureen wins (Conditioner and Cleaner: $3.99); Dining Room Table

Showcase Showdown #2: Ronald wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Ronald wins; Sofa, Spa, Dodge Ram ($34,949 in prizes)

Donna’s bid of 1999 may have been a good year for Price, but it was the year 1964 that granted Rachel’s escape from Contestant’s Row to do a little shopping with plastic. Perfect time for the “32nd Year” picture featured on Rachel’s new TV set, since this was the final show taped for Year 32. Rich was for sure he can call Ronald to come on down, or should I say “back on down”. Ronald removed his hat to show off his well-done hair. In spite of some weirdo groups of the audience (Maureen wearing a “Marry Me Bob” shirt and a group claiming their puppets sneaked in) and professional lighting men forgetting where the switch for the brightest light shining on Bob is, the show must go on. Sadly for Price’s very own sweet Mary Ann, she picked 2 price tags other than the cheapest featured. Oregon of Las Vegas (see shirt) collapsed as she was coming on down, but managed to get up with applause from the audience and a “welcome to California!” from Bob. Ronald a loyal friend & true for Georgia “stays” instead of making a switch. I guess the “Clock” sign couldn’t handle Rachel’s strength, explaing its fall. A great surprise to Bob indeed, as Maureen was called to come on down. After her frightening life long admiration for Bob previously, it was time to summon a CBS page to protect him from this particular lady. Bob was so frightened of Maureen that he interrupted Rich as he was describing the plug in. Johnsie may believe That’s Too Much is the hardest game on the show, but she sure knows how to play. Besides, plenty of winners left this game with a car, all part of Bob’s encouragement for Johnsie. Only one flaw during the game, her shout of “That’s Too Much!” was below average. All of Ronald’s prizes were provided by Price’s very own pet hotel (all pets spayed or neutered). He was up and ready for the Dodge Ram, but first he must do the following: Join his crew and hug each model. Don’t worry, Rich was able to join!

(Today’s Price may be the final show of Year 32, but we still have 2 more to view this week before we can something like “every show of Year 32 has aired”. Expect my final thoughts on this year and the future of Price. Plus, I hope that y’all the loyal friends & true do the same Friday.)

(In case you didn’t notice, this site was down for a few hours due to our host site PC Playground falling asleep at the wheel.)

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