Friday, May 28, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6048)

Lucky 7: David lost; Ford Explorer

Half Off: Melissa wins $10,000 (Picked Box #7, 2 Halves of “Box Central”)

Switch?: Jessica wins by a “Switch”; Trip to Alaska and Hawaii

Showcase Showdown #1: Melissa wins with 90 cents

Take Two: Terry lost ($3174 was total); Dining Room Table, Riding Lawnmower, Treadmill, Cabinet

Let ‘Em Roll: Danny wins with 3 Rolls; Dodge Neon

Coming or Going: Editha wins by “Going”; Floor Clock ($4725)

Showcase Showdown #2: Terry wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Melissa wins; Coke Machine Replica, Pool Table, Arcade Game, and Jukebox ($34,543 in prizes)

David, another fellow who’s never known life without Price, sometimes wondered how his folks survived before September 1972, and today in May 2004 he was more interested in winning cash than a car. No need to worry David, there’s always the Big Wheel. Gentleman and ladies, Half Off has arrived! This all-new Pricing Game features rows of boxes, but only one contains the grand prize of $10,000 in cash. In order for a contestant, specifically Melissa to find that special box without the high chance of losing, she must pick at least 3 items with a price half its original retail price. Why? Because if she picks at least 1 half priced item, half of the boxes without $10,000 will be removed. As for Melissa, she managed to get 2 out of 3 half priced items right and picked the box marked #7 (not only a lucky number, but the age of her little girl, or daughter for the rest of y’all out there). At Bob’s cue of “Now!” Melissa opened the box to reveal $10,000 in cash. A perfect beginning to a fun Pricing game! Jessica proved that she’s got the Hawaiian spirit by performing a hula dance. As Editha made her run to Contestant’s Row, both of her shoes went loose and seconds later she would bend her microphone. According to Bob, everything was going well in Contestant’s Row until she came along. It’s safe to say there were 2 folks under the name “Terry” on stage today. Terry the Take Two Contestant and Terry (Teri, “The Great Haired One!”) This would be the same Editha that would win her way on stage to decide whether she’s “Coming or Going”. Showcase #1 featured Price’s own version of “The People’s Court” called “Price Court” starring Judge Lanisha, Attorney at Law Rachel, and Mr. Rich Fields as your announcer. After winning today’s Showcase, Melissa says she wants to help control the pet population with Bob, but first he reminds us to have our pets spayed or neutered.

(Another week, another show in the Price VHS archives. Hopefully this one is in yours too. Place your comments on the new Pricing game under “Comments”)

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