Sunday, May 23, 2004

Million Dollar Spectacular #12: (Bob’s Induction Into the Television Hall of Fame)

3 Strikes: Paul lost; Cadillac Deville ($48,210)

Grand Game: Michael wins $20,000 (Target Price $10.00)

Coming or Going: Hilary wins by “Coming”; Trailer ($8306)

Showcase Showdown #1: Hilary wins with 70 cents

Money Game: Rebecca wins; Chrysler Sibring ($27,280)

Safe Crackers: Sadie lost (Combination was 760); Chevy Impala and Luggage

Double Prices: Stacey wins; Piano ($13,010)

Showcase Showdown #2: Sadie wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Double Showcase Overbid; “The Price is Right Prize Hall of Fame Showcase” Kitchen Group, Hot Tub, and Ford Mustang (Sports Car); “Hall of Famers Showcase” Audio System, Presley Discs and Cassettes, $7,550 in cash, and Lincoln Town Car

Paul performed a little dance with sandals shortly after Bob asked him about his clothing for this special occasion. Before our contestants in Contestant’s Row got to bid on a trip to Cancun, Barbara had to make her leap from the front row into her spot previously held by Paul. Michael got what he wanted on his prowl spanning many miles, $20,000. Before getting back to business, our first of 2 chairmen/CEOs announces the big news viewers have been looking forward to witness, Bob’s induction into the Academy of Television Arts & Science’s Hall of Fame for all that he’s contributed to the vast land that is TV for 45+ years. Besides a special ceremony in June, a bust of Bob (revealed by Rachel), sculpted by a fellow member of the audience was introduced tonight. Would have been interesting if an image of Bob during his high school years was the one used in creating this bust. David’s shirt with red sleeves/white front & back should be familiar to the most loyal for viewers out there. Barbara gave Rebecca a small hit after being outbid. This is truly a rarity in both daytime and primetime; Rebecca found both ends of a car in Money Game without a dollar sign. 3 shouts of “Oh My God!” came about during her reaction. Our second chairmen/CEO giving Bob a well-deserved honor is none other than the Big Eye of CBS himself, Les Moonves. Either that segment was taped (before or after) or the entire audience has something against Lesley. Contestant Row’s very own Barker’s Beauty Judith may be a golfer, yet Stacey (filled with excitement Rich called her to come on down) was the one that would win those clubs and a chance at playing Double Prices. Yep, Stacey promises to learn how to play piano, mostly from her friend Brian in the audience. The inductees in Price’s very own Prize Hall of Fame are the following: The Refrigerator, The Hot Tub, and of course the Car. Price’s tribute to Elvis Presley continues in the “Hall of Famers Showcase”, including Mobile, Alabama’s very own Henry “Hank” Aaron and Bob. For the first time ever, a Million Dollar Spectacular’s Showcase ended in a Double Showcase Overbid, so what to do for the spin for $1 million? Draw a ticket, raffle style! Brandi was the lucky one to pull a ticket. Jay R. of the audience had the ticket with the numbers 0-8-1 for a spin of the Big Wheel. Yet again, no Price is Right millionaire. We close tonight’s spectacular with a shot of Bob’s bust that’s soon to be placed in the Academy’s headquarters in North Hollywood, California.

Starr was modeling during tonight’s show and as expected she has improved quite a bit. All memories of Lanisha (until the next time she appears on the show) have faded away after viewing Starr tonight. We’ll see if she lives up to everyone else during next week’s shows. Good night everyone!

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