Friday, May 21, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (#6043)

Swap Meet: Jason wins with Model Ship ($899); Stove ($899), Washer/Dryer, and Dining Room Table

Let ‘Em Roll: Lisa wins with 2 Rolls; Chevy Cavalier

Freeze Frame: Kimberly lost; Trip to Mexico ($4436)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kimberly wins with 85 cents

Barker’s Bargain Bar: Lisa wins; Computer and Painting

One Away: Ralph wins (No Mistake); Chevy Malibu ($21,430)

Joker: Johnnie lost (Joker was behind Card #2); Piano

Showcase Showdown #2: Ralph wins with 65 cents

Showcase: Kimberly wins; Bedroom Group, Set of Golf Clubs, and Golf Cart ($18,637 in prizes)

After all of our first 4 contestants overbid, Jason managed to bid exactly right during the second bidding process. Kimberly has big news for Bob according to her shirt, “Alaska Girls Love Bob”. Lisa would later prove that she’s indeed a loyal friend and true by reminding us that the prizes featured on each Let ‘Em Roll cubes are $500, $1000, $1500, and 3 Cars. So far, Lisa has rolled 4 cubes with a car showing, but the 5th cube rolled on the floor. No need to worry, since Lisa can finish off her first chance by rolling that loose cube from her previous roll, or should I say “roll + slide” the cube. Johnnie (that’s right, it’s a female name too) shocked the audience and Bob with her shirt creating the illusion of a 2 piece swimsuit (front and back). Turns out Johnnie wants to apply for the job of a Barker’s Beauty (a modeling position to be exact). If that were possible, Johnnie would make a big difference in that department on Price. Unfortunately for our Alaskan, she won’t be spending time in a much warmer climate. Our other Lisa wins her way out of Contestant’s Row for a little bargain hunting. Ralph fresh from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (hence the name “Ralph”, as in Ralph Edwards) asked the ladies 5 times to confirm that all 5 of his chosen numbers for the price of the Malibu are right. At last, our Johnnie escapes Contestant’s Row, which gives Bob the opportunity to pull one of his introductions from his days of hosting beauty pageants. Showcase #2 featured the 1st Annual Pricey Awards and yes all models earned an award. Kimberly and the rest of her fellow Alaskans end this week’s shows by celebrating near the Golf Cart.

Folks, I have some new good news and bad news! Good news: Lanisha is gone, but is it for good? Bad news: The latest addition to the model rotation is Starr, who so far reminds me too much of Lanisha, but I’ll give her time to improve in front of the viewers next week. I wonder what are the whereabouts of Candace, who came around shortly after Claudia left for certain parts unknown.

As LeVar Burton said “and remember, you don’t have to take my word for it.”

(Tonight, 31st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards live at 8 PM CST on the Peacock Network and tomorrow night Million Dollar Spectacular #12 will air at 8/7 PM on old Columbia)

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