Sunday, March 28, 2004

Million Dollar Spectacular #9: “College and University Students”

Triple Play: Jennifer lost; Chevy Impala ($22,330), Jeep, and Sports Car

Bonkers: Kevin wins; Electric Vehicle ($7595)

Plinko: Joy wins $2000 (4 Plinko Chips)

Showcase Showdown #1: Kevin wins with 75 cents

Flip Flop: Derek lost; Trip to Fiji ($5963)

Dice Game: Sarah lost; Ford F-150 ($36,245)

Pick A Pair: Jacob lost; Boat

Showcase Showdown #2: Jacob wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Jacob wins; Stove, Media Center (TV, Sound System and DVD Player), Spa, Trailer ($94, 285 in prizes)

Well folks after many weeks of anticipation by the biggest of Price viewers, Million Dollar Spectacular #9 finally arrived on our screens shortly after the NCAA Tournament. College/University students check, theme décor check (Kappa Price is Right flag for example, including the mural on stage representing all colleges across the land), Randy West as announcer check, the return of Claudia Jordan including Shane & Brandi check, and the $1 million winner remains unchecked. It took two calls of Jana Savage and a brief stop of the music for her to finally come on down to Contestant’s Row. Joy lived up to her name during tonight’s playing of Plinko, even though she was nowhere near a total of $20,000+. Not only the trip to Fiji was revealed, but also Brandi’s dancing in traditional Fiji clothing caught our eye off guard. We learn that during a commercial break Bob was encouraged by the audience to quote his famous line from the well-known movie “Happy Gilmore”. This explains the quite large outburst from the audience after the break. Bob would later discover that Lauren is female while seeing her come on down and asking himself a “He or She” type question. Derek rolled up his sleeves before going for the chance of winning $1 million with a spin of the Big Wheel, yet his chance went overboard in cents. A small graduation preview was the feature for Showcase #2, including Claudia, Brandi, and Shane in blue cap ‘n gowns. After Jacob’s Showcase win, he received a free chance of spinning the Big Wheel for $1 million. No $1 million, unfortunately.

We end today’s show with a friend of Jacob’s. Possibly after missing the $1.00 by one spot on the wheel.

Will Million Dollar Spectacular #10 be the one! Fine out in the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, I’ll be putting this VHS tape with tonight’s show back in the 500 Video Archives ‘til future use (Half-hour Price from the early Seventies airs after the Pillsbury Bakeoff this year).

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