Thursday, March 18, 2004

Today’s Airing of The Price is Right (Original Air Date 11-7-2003)

Most Expensive: Jennifer lost; Dinette Set, Refrigerator, and Brass Cradle

It’s In The Bag: Albert wins $16,000!

Any Number: David wins desk set; Dodge Caravan

Showcase Showdown #1: David wins with 90 cents

Double Prices: Andrea wins; Spa ($5995)

Temptation: Janis lost; Pontiac Vibe ($19,870)

Cliffhangers: Thomas wins (14 steps); Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #2: Andrea wins with $1.00 ($1,000)

Showcase: David wins ($29,506 in prizes); Basketball goal, trip to Natchez, Mississippi, and Chrysler PT Cruiser

Bob got a little carried away with the “30 year old bit” with Thomas, mistaking a lady in the audience for being 30 years according to her shirt with the words “My Favorite For 30 Years”. Ian tried to kid Bob with a $1 bid, which won Thomas up for Cliffhangers. “Slow down!” quoting Thomas between the 13th – 14th step.

(Again, these are the original comments and Bob supposing that “The Young & the Restless” wouldn’t make it on the air today would be true due to CBS’ NCAA basketball coverage. One of the many reasons this show was chosen to air this week)

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