TPiR Recap: 1/18/11

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Episode #: 5402K
Taped: 11/29/2010

Pay the Rent: Aaron LOSES (Bailed at $10,000).

Lucky $even: Jessica LOSES (Hyundai Genesis).

Pick-a-number: Nicole LOSES (Trip to Martha’s Vineyard).

Showcase Showdown #1: Nicole wins with a final total of $0.75!

Secret X: Loana WINS (Home gym)!

Most Expensive: Mark WINS (Bar set, satellite package, 50″ HDTV)!

Money Game: Daniel LOSES (Mazda 3).

Showcase Showdown #2: Loana wins with a final total of $0.80!

Showcase: Nicole wins! ($7,500 cash, trips to San Francisco and China) A showcase ARP of $22,004 and a total of $22,708 in cash and prizes!


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