TPiR Recap: 4/19/10

Monday, April 19, 2010

Episode #: 5131K
Taped: ?

Temptation: Caren BAILS (Chevrolet Impala (bailed out with Canon HD camcorder, collection of towels, exercise bike, $500 cash)).

Grocery Game: Tamra LOSES (Salon services for a year).

Switch?: Erik WINS (Soda can dispenser, outdoor pizza oven)!

Showcase Showdown #1: Caren wins with a final total of $1.00! (There were two $1,000 bonuses (Tamra spun $1.00, too) — Caren won the spin-off with a total of $0.65!)

Flip Flop: Shaffer LOSES (Beachcomber hot tub).

Dice Game: Lauren LOSES (Hyundai Sonata).

Most Expensive: Greg WINS (Trips to Palm Springs, Big Bear Lake, Laguna Beach)!

Showcase Showdown #2: Lauren wins with a final total of $1.00! ($1,000 in bonuses!)

Showcase: Double Overbid!


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