TPiR Recap: 6/2/10

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Episode #: 5193K
Taped: 5/5/2010

That’s Too Much: Rachel LOSES (Dodge Challenger SE).

Switch?: Rodolfo WINS (Leather recliners and a gas grill)!

Bonus Game: Eric LOSES (Trip to Spain).

Showcase Showdown #1: Rachel wins with a final total of $1.00! ($1,000 in bonuses!)

Push Over: Danielle LOSES (Beachcomber hot tub).

More or Less: Brandon LOSES (Frozen concotion machine, Gucci accessories, 46” HDTV, Ford Focus).

Grand Game: Mousbah LOSES (Lost going for $1,000).

Showcase Showdown #2: Brandon wins with a final total of $0.75!

Showcase: Brandon wins! (His-and-her bicycles, two Honda offroad motorcycles, Ford Ranger XL) A showcase ARP of $22,378 and a total of $26,384 in cash and prizes!


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