TPiR Recap: 5/26/10

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Money Game: Kathleen LOSES a chance at a Ford Focus SE coupe.

Double Prices: Kevin WINS a dining room group!

Clock Game: Barbara LOSES.

Showcase Showdown #1: Kathleen and Barbara both spin $1.00 ($1,000 bonus), then Kathleen spins ANOTHER $1.00 ($25,000 bonus) on her way to the Showcase!

Pick-A-Pair: Chelsea WINS!

One Away: Debbie WINS a Chevrolet Malibu 1LS sedan.

Plinko: Drew (not THAT Drew!) only can muster $1,100 (counts as a LOSS).

Showcase Showdown #2: Drew is moving on with $0.75 in two spins.

Showcase: Kathleen caps a great day with a win and a trip to NY, LED banner, $2,500 in cash and a Ford Taurus SE FWD! Total ARP of $33,422 and she brings home $61,050 in cash and prizes today!

One Comment on “TPiR Recap: 5/26/10”

  1. Cat Cox Says:

    What a wonderful winner. She even is nice enough to say, SHE IS SORRY TO OUTBID EVERYONE BY A DOLLAR TO GET ON STAGE. Great TV from that young lady! Glad she was a big Winner

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