Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Today’s airing of The Price is Right:

-1st IUFB (Item up for Bids)- Drum Set…ARP (Actual Retail Price): $2,543

-Golden Road- Katrina won the Sofa ($913) and the Grandfather Floor Clock ($2,345) – loss

-2nd IUFB- Majestic Fountain…ARP: $1,198

-Easy As 1,2,3- Sergio won…Recycling Cabinet ($1,130), Tea Set ($300), and a Scooter ($1,748)

-3rd IUFB- Fireplace…ARP: $2,575

-Punch A Bunch- Onomeh won $5,000 – loss

-Showcase Showdown- Sergio won with 75 cents

-4th IUFB- Dishwasher with Mops…ARP: $990

-Switch?- Deanna won…Dining Group ($2,717) and a Powered Hauler ($1,798)

-5th IUFB- Pearl Necklace…ARP: $1,320

-Pick A Pair- Joseph won…Bedroom ($6,994)

-6th IUFB- Chair and Ottoman…ARP: $1,090

-Money Game- Annette won $214 – loss

-Showcase Showdown- Joseph won…also won $1,000 on the wheel…Bonus spin landed on .75

-Showcase- Sergio won BOTH Showcases!…Bid: $12,500…ARP: $12,532

-Prizes won-

Years supply of Ice Cream, Mediterranean Cruise, a Brand New Pontiac Vibe, New Home Gym, and a new Snowmobile…

Total of $46,347 in prizes

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