Monday, September 22, 2003


Today’s airing of The Price is Right:

-Lucky Seven- Travis (a 22-year dedicated fan) wins a Cadillac DeVille – WIN

-Time is Money- World Premiere (see below) Kimberly didn’t win on the first try, chooses to keep the $500 – LOSS

-Push Over- Maria wins a Dodge Dakota – WIN

-Showcase Showdown- Maria won

-Plinko- Jessica wins $12,200… not a bad first Plinko game of the year – LOSS

-Dice Game- Christopher S. loses on the last roll – LOSS

-Squeeze Play- Christopher P. squeezed the wrong way – LOSS

-Showcase Showdown- Jessica won

-Showcase- Jessica wins a Frigidaire Washer/Dryer, Keys 300 Home Gym, and a Chrysler PT Cruiser… a total of $39,092 in cash and prizes!

Time is Money: A contestant is given five small prizes. He/she then has fifteen seconds to sort the five prizes onto three corresponding shelves: “Under $3″, “$3 to $6″, or “Over $6″. If she places them in the right order on the first try he/she wins the a large prize (boat, trip, room set, etc.) and $500. If he/she does not get them all correct on the first try, she can stop the game and take the cash ($500) or trade the $500 in for a second chance and fifteen more seconds to resort the grocery items.

Season 32 is underway!

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