TPiR airing: August 25th

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Well since Colin didn’t post yet this week I figured that I’d take care of it…new season starts on September 22nd…everything will be back to normal again

Monday, August 25th (O.A.D. 3/10/03)

-Danger Price- Florencia won
-Hole in One…or Two- Frank lost
-Bonkers- Lisa lost

-Showcase Showdown- Frank won

-Cliff Hangers- Michael won
-Cover Up- Lena lost
-Switch?- Brian won

-Showcase Showdown- Lena won

-Showcase- Frank won…$15,965 in prizes

Tuesday, August 26th (O.A.D. 3/17/03)

-3 Strikes- Daniel won
-Plinko- Seth won $2500 – loss
-Push Over- Russell won

-Showcase Showdown- Daniel won

-Pick-a-Pair- Taunya won
-Dice Game- Erika won
-Most Expensive- Michael lost

-Showcase Showdown- Erika won

-Showcase- Daniel won…total of $64,319 in prizes

Wednesday, August 27th (O.A.D. 3/18/03)

-Swap Meet- Jamie lost
-On The Spot- Rhonda lost…first time ever that this game was lost
-Make Your Move- Ira lost

-Showcase Showdown- Jamie won

-Hit Me- Cheryl won
-Any Number- Billy won an $823 day bed – loss
-One Right Price- Adam won

-Showcase Showdown- Billy won

-Showcase- Jamie won both showcases…bid: $21,785, ARP: $21,793…ONLY OFF BY $8!…great bid…total of $43,749 in prizes

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