Thursday, August 7, 2003

Today’s airing of The Price is Right: (OAD: 3/14/03)

-One Wrong Price- James lost

-Squeeze Play – for the first time ever, this game was played for a car…2003 Ford Escort- Thomas lost

-Hole in One or Two- Wendelin lost

-Showcase Showdown- Thomas won after a 3-way spin-off

-Plinko- Christina won $11,500 with 3 chips – loss

-Cover Up- Ryan lost

-Double Prices- Gabriel lost

-Showcase Showdown- Christina won

-Showcase- Christina won…$39,632 in prizes

Wednesday’s airing of The Price is Right: (OAD: 2/4/03)

-Clock Game- John won both prizes and the $1,000 bonus

-3 Strikes- Sheila lost

-Cliff Hangers- Charles lost

-Showcase Showdown- John won

-Clearance Sale- Katie lost

-Grocery Game- Steven lost

-One Away- Linnea lost

-Showcase Showdown- Katie won…also won $1,000 on the wheel

-Showcase- Katie won…$15,719 in prizes

Tuesday’s airing of The Price is Right: (OAD 2/3/03)

-Easy as 1-2-3- Chelsey won

-On The Spot- Lisa won

-Flip Flop- Richard lost

-Showcase Showdown- Richard won

-Take Two- Gwen won

-Dice Game- Allison won

-Now or Then- Jeremy won

-Showcase Showdown- Allison won

-Showcase- Richard won…$16,772 in prizes

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