Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Price Tags: Marcia wins (3 chances); Ford F-150 ($21,790)

One Wrong Price: Levon wins; Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Games (Wrong Price $3011), Accessories, and Flat Panel TV

Pick A Pair: Ginger wins with $3.19; Dining Room Group

Showcase Showdown #1: Ginger wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Squeeze Play: Mark lost (removed “7”); Waverunner ($9798)

More or Less: Allison wins Bar Set (Less than $5065) and Refrigerator (Less than $4850); Four Tires (Less than $3500) and Dodge Challenger

2 For the Price of 1: Kasey wins (chose middle number) Day Bed ($459) and Motorcycle

Showcase Showdown #2: Mark wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Mark wins; Trip to Palm Springs, California, Hot Air Balloon Tour, Trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, Trip to Tahiti, and $3000 in Cash ($21,366 in prizes)

“That was Gidget—I mean Gwendolyn!” Drew jokingly said upon receiving his microphone from his helper, who was part of the joke about her hair bangs from this point until 5 Price Tags. Drew reintroduced (“the lovely Rachel”) one of his helpers in a silly tone of voice. “The crowd is chanting ‘21’ ”, Drew told Marcia before she chose $21,790 as the price of the Ford F-150 featured in 5 Price Tags. “His name is Levon and he shall be a good man”, said Drew as Levon, a mechanic for the Air Force during his 30 years of service, made his way to the Big Doors concealing One Wrong Price. “It’s Rachel-Cam! Hey, Mom, I’m on Rachel-cam!” Drew said after the third Item Up for Bids, a Video Camera, was described. “Ginger snap, you got it!” said Drew after Ginger won the Video Camera. “Momma, this is for you”, said Ginger as she hugged Drew. A few members of the studio audience laughed as Drew described Pick A Pair in a dramatic way. “The word of the day is ‘platonic’ ”, said Drew with his hand covering the top of the microphone after the items in Pick A Pair were described. $3.19 was given a close-up upon Ginger’s item choice. “A dollar on the nose for Ginger! Sorry, Levon”, said Drew after Ginger scored $1.00 from two spins of the Big Wheel in Showcase Showdown #1 As Ginger prepared for her Bonus Spin, “If it lands on the dollar, you get an extra $25,000!” said Drew, whose normal tone of voice changed to a tone common in professional wrestling. Before the fourth Item Up for Bids, Drew appeared on screen with the studio audience behind him. “If you win this Pricing Games, I’m going to switch sides with you and wear your tie for the rest of the show”, Drew told Mark before the Waverunner was revealed as the Squeeze Play prize. On her last day of high school, Allison, who shares Drew’s middle name, attended the show. Allison’s game of More or Less ended with Four Tires priced less than $3500. “Ninety, ninety, ninety—ninety!” said Drew as Mark’s first spin of the Big Wheel resulted in a score of 90 cents. “You don’t get a whole Porsche forever, you just rent it while you’re there”, Drew told the contestants after the first Showcase, including trips to Hawaii and Tahiti. The second Showcase included a promotion for this Sunday’s broadcast of the Primetime Emmy Awards show, along with a Subscription to TV Guide magazine, a 63-inch TV Set, Tickets to the Primetime Emmy Awards, a Shopping Spree and a Make-Over in Beverly Hills, California, and a Toyota Prius. “The tickets to the Emmys have no value, so don’t add them up in your head”, Drew informed Ginger before she made her Showcase bid. After Drew continued the reminder to “have your pets spayed and (or) neutered”, Drew banged the Turntable set between “see you next time” and “bye”.

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