Pushover: Joshua wins; Mini Cooper ($19,450)

Plinko: Eloisa wins $11,500 with 4 Plinko chips

Race Game: Matthew wins; Dining Room Table, Picnic Equipment, Golf Set, and Necklace

Showcase Showdown #1: Joshua wins with 75 cents

Range Game: Nancy lost; Iron Bed ($4223)

Stack the Deck: Wanda lost (won “6” and “8”); Ford Focus ($16,872)

Safe Crackers: Jocelyn wins (Combination 690); Swimwear and Hot Tub

Showcase Showdown #2: Jocelyn wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Jocelyn wins; Pair of Rolex Watches and a Trip to Jamaica, Saint Louisa, and Antigua in the Caribbean ($30,429 in prizes)

Joshua, bearing an image of Drew on his shirt, got to play Pushover. “That is the price”, said Joshua as some members of the audience reacted negatively toward $19,450 for the Mini Cooper. “Flip it if you think that’s the right price”, Drew told Joshua at the expense of creating suspense himself. Jocelyn was called to come on down, but all she had to do was come on over from her seat in the front row to her left. Eloisa, a student from the University of Southern California with the number 32 on her clothing, insisted on a different pronunciation of her name (EL-O-a-SA rather than EL-O-E-SA) upon her arrival on stage. “I bet the next one has something to do with baseball”, Drew supposed before the third small prize in Plinko. Drew almost touched Eloisa’s last Plinko chip as he was eager to pick it up from its eventual slot of $500. In Race Game, the camera shot of each price getting removed by Drew was awkward due to his order of removing them before giving them to Matthew, who came to the show from Cleveland, Ohio, the host’s hometown. “A new world record!” Drew shouted after Matthew completed Race Game with 37 seconds left. After Drew reminded Nancy of the Riding Lawn Mower she won in Contestant’s Row, she sounded very happy and surprised. Wanda shared her story of wrecking a friend’s car on the way to the show and Drew would repeat this part of the story at the end of Stack the Deck and during Showcase Showdown #2. Wanda alternated between saying a generic name (“Pain reliever”) and brand name (“Hot Pockets”) in Stack the Deck. “Turn the—“, said Drew as Jocelyn began to turn the spin dial in Safe Crackers. Today’s Showcases featured island hopping and interaction with Rich Fields. Joshua passed his Showcase since he recently returned from Mexico, but his Showcase included a Trip to the Kentucky Derby, a Bar Set, and a Ford Mustang. “Yeah, baby, two (cars) in a row!” Joshua shouted after the Ford automobile was revealed. After Jocelyn won her Showcase, Drew acknowledged his continuation of the reminder to “help control to pet population”, but said he really meant it. We end this week’s worth of shows with Drew hugging Jocelyn’s co-attendant from the studio audience.

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