Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Wrong Price: Rebecca lost; Home Gym, Playstation 3 and Games, and Water Ski Gear (Wrong Price $1295)

Squeeze Play: James lost (removed first “9”); 50-inch Plasma TV ($4998)

Gas Money: Deborah lost $4000; Honda Element ($22,385)

Showcase Showdown #1: Rebecca wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Now or Then: Kevin wins (“Then” December 1999); Living Room Group and Motorcycle

Switch?: Joan lost without a “switch”; Handbags and Floor Clock

Master Key: Scott wins with Key #5 and Key #2; Compact Disc Recorder, Cutlery Set, and Honda Civic

Showcase Showdown #2: Scott wins with 75 cents

Showcase: Scott wins; Clothing, Luggage, Trip to Milan, Italy, and $500 in Cash ($39,037 in prizes)

Drew once again had his arm around his helper’s (model) back after receiving his cordless microphone. “Drew, make the 14th anniversary of my 29th birthday the best” were the words on Rebecca’s shirt, as read by the host. James received some great applause after choosing to remove the first “9” in Squeeze Play instead of the “2” to win the Plasma TV Set. Joan, a retired corrections officer for New York, New York, got to high-five Drew after finding her spot in Contestant’s Row with the help of the host and a fellow contestant. Deborah wanted to “do the bump” with Drew and they did before playing Gas Money. The loud International House of Pancakes advertisement made its return before Showcase Showdown #1. Rebecca appeared in both a frontal camera shot of the Big Wheel as she started to spin and the triangle camera shot during her bonus spin. Drew allowed Rich Fields to tell viewers how they could get tickets to visit the show. “Drew. Tell Us. Boy or Girl”, Kevin’s shirt asked before Drew answered by reading a card from a previously unopened envelope. Kevin leaped off the stage to hug his wife upon learning they will have a boy. Drew reminded viewers “it’s a boy” after the next commercial break, but did not tell viewers who may just be tuning in who would be having the child. The last Item Up for Bids, a Video Camera, provided viewers with its own view of the host, who interacted with the camera and its holder in a silly way. Scott, a voice teacher, raised his eyebrow a few times as he used his key to open the padlock for the Honda Civic in Master Key. Drew used the other key by himself to unlock the Compact Disc Recorder after Scott ran off to get into his Honda automobile. Today’s Showcases featured a Cruise of the Orient, Rich Fields asking Scott if he ever imagined himself wearing clothes found in a fashion magazine (yes), and a Trip to Milan, Italy. We end today’s show with a camera shot of Scott’s $500 being used as a fan, by not Drew, but by one of his helpers.

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