Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It’s In the Bag: Charles wins $16,000

Money Game: Sarah wins; Ford Fusion ($23,194)

Eazy Az 1, 2, 3: Christa wins; Barbecue Grill, Cologne, and Washer and Dryer

Showcase Showdown #1: Charles wins with 85 cents

Secret X: Dometrius lost (X at the Bottom); Trip to Nashville, Tennessee

Lucky 7: Thomas lost; Chevy HHR ($22,914)

Clock Game: Nancy wins (2 seconds left); Dining Room Table ($899) and Desktop Computer ($593) (+$1000)

Showcase Showdown #2: Nancy wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Nancy wins; Bedroom Group, Clothing, and Speed Boat ($36,911)

Members of the studio audience were wearing the same style of glasses once worn by Drew. Charles, a retired officer for the United States Forest Service, got to play It’s In the Bag and became the first to witness a new border around the $16,000 at the beginning of the game. “You used to work for Smoky Bear?” Drew asked Charles in an excited tone of voice. “Do you want to let it ride on the 9 Lives?” Drew asked Charles twice before revealing the item for an $8000 prize. Sarah, the owner of a 1991 Honda Accord, came to the show from Seattle, Washington with a shirt bearing the words “Xbox 360 Live”, but Drew jokingly said she is a member of a new soccer team called the “Xbox 360s”. Drew handed Christa all threw blocks at the beginning of Eazy Az, 1, 2, 3, which was played very quickly. “I was second guessing myself”, Christa explained before learning she made the right decisions. Dometrius won two “Xs” after relying on the audience for at least one of the two items in Secret X, but she lost even with two out of three chances of winning the game. Jessica came on down with “Drew glasses” and “lucky dollars” attached to her shirt. International House of Pancakes, the show’s second closed captioning sponsor, had a very loud advertisement before Showcase Showdown #2. “Thomas had 95, feeling all cocky and ready to go”, said Drew after Nancy scored $1.00 by spinning the Big Wheel. Nancy appeared in an arrow camera shot during her bonus spin. Today’s Showcases featured an excited Rich Fields, a Speedboat, and a Finland holiday in a Showcase with a snow theme.

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