Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 For the Price of 1: Ricci lost(chose middle number); Quad of MP3 Players ($896) and Trip to Montreal, Canada

Hole in One: Zachary wins (Line 2); Pontiac G6

Bonkers: Matthew lost; Jet Ski ($9398)

Showcase Showdown #1: Ricci wins with 90 cents

Cliffhangers: Deneka wins (1 step); Pair of Motorcycles

Most Expensive: Evelyn lost; Stemware (Most Expensive), Laptop Computer, Workout Clothes

Any Number: Rodney wins Jeep Wrangler ($23,879); Art Supplies

Showcase Showdown #2: Deneka wins with 80 cents

Showcase: Ricci wins; Living Room Group, Stereo System, 58-inch Plasma TV, Hot Tub, and 38-inch Outdoor Weather-Proof TV ($25,163 in prizes)

Evelyn’s name was called twice before she started coming on down as today’s first contestant. Both Ricci and Drew jumped before hugging after she arrived on stage. “Deneka, Evelyn, good luck, have a seat”, said Drew after the two were outbid for a Range by Matthew’s bid of $2002 after $2001 and $2000, but Zachary won with his first bid. Drew did not make an inspiration putt in today’s game of Hole in One, but gave the opportunity to a professional golfer named Natalie Gulbis. “Nothing—like that, nothing bothers her”, said Drew before the ball hit by Natalie reached the hole. “Twenty-five thousand dollar car a stake”, Drew blurted as the ball hit by Zachary came near the hole and passed it before bouncing back for the win. Drew declared Zachary’s putt “the put of the year” during Showcase Showdown #1 and admitted he had never seen such an exciting putt before quickly adding, “Sorry, Tiger”. “This is my favorite game”, said Deneka after Drew once again referred to the mountain climber in Cliffhangers as “the yodely guy”. According to the host, it’s not fun to hear the Cliffhangers music when you’re on the show playing the game, but in the case of today’s show only one second of music was heard. Andrea was the quickest contestant to come on down on today’s show with dollar bills attached to her shirt. Evelyn left Showcase Showdown #2 with a big smile after Deneka beat her score of 75 cents with five more cents. Drew wished both Deneka and Rodney luck after the latter contestant spun the Big Wheel. Today’s Showcases featured a Pair of TV Sets and Rich Fields and Natalie. Drew told Deneka the nine trips of golf mentioned in her Showcase were just “thrown in” and not to be included in her bid. Deneka’s bid of $19,500 was over by $435. We end today’s show with Ricci lying on her new living room furniture.

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