5 Price Tags: Byard lost with no chances; Ford F-150 ($21,790)

Pick A Number: Salvador lost (chose “4”); Trip to Fiji ($7388)

Grocery Game: Cinnamon lost (Total $21.52); Bedroom Group

Showcase Showdown #1: Byard wins with 90 cents

Freeze Frame: Martha lost; Golf Cart and Golf Set ($9355)

One Away: Michelle wins; Chevy Aveo ($25,134)

Swap Meet: Bryce wins (Pendant $999); Sofa, Shoes, and Elliptical Trainer ($999)

Showcase Showdown #2: Bryce wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Showcase: Bryce wins; Refrigerator, 32-inch TV, DVD Collection, and Chrysler PT Cruiser ($33,486 in prizes)

Drew made his first appearance today not in the middle of the Big Doors when they opened, but shortly after they opened by stepping aside from the left. Rich Fields gave viewers and listeners a very short description of the Ford truck featured in 5 Price Tags. All four items had their true prices and Byard said “false” to all of them. Drew referred to Salvador’s helper as “lucky” as she carried the “4” over to the second digit slot in Pick A Number. Drew called Cinnamon a survivor in spite of a one-dollar bid in Contestant’s Row. After Grocery Game came around the Turntable, Drew greeted the cashier in a slow way that had me worried for him doing such unnecessary interaction. “If not, see you at the wheel”, the host told Cinnamon before revealing the price of her final item in Grocery Game, a Bag of Marshmallows. Today’s fourth Item Up for Bids, a Table Tennis Table, was demonstrated by a couple of guests named Biba Golic and Barney Reed. Michelle, an officer and “baby sitter” in the Air Force, became the next contestant who had to begin each sentence in One Away with, “Oh mighty sound effects lady…” no matter how embarrassing. Drew did not change the numbers in One Away, nor did he announce why the job was handed over to his helpers (models). Drew was looking away as the “3” in the price of the Chevrolet automobile was revealed to confirm Michelle as the winner. After scoring 75 cents in Showcase Showdown #2, Martha answered Drew’s question by saying, “I’m going to keep it!” in a confident tone of voice, but Bryce would soon score $1.00 on the Big Wheel. The screams of the studio audience were constant as the Big Wheel slowly made a stop at 80 cents after passing 5 cents, $1.00, and 15 cents during Byce’s bonus spin. Byard’s Showcase began with interaction between Drew and Rich, but the rest was like a normal Showcase with a Desktop Computer and a Trip to Egypt and Athens, Greece. “Bryce!” Byard shouted in happiness for his fellow contestant, who won his Showcase with a smaller difference.

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