Switch?: Sharon lost with a “switch”; Handbags and Offroad Vehicle

Punch A Bunch: Linda wins $1000 with 3 punches

Money Game: Lisa wins $198 ; Honda Accord ($22,354)

Showcase Showdown #1: Linda wins with 75 cents

Bullseye: Joy wins with a Bullseye; Kitchen Set

More or Less: Andrew wins Tool System (Less than $1300); Clothing (More than $2400), Dining Room Table, and Honda Fit

Pushover: Joi lost; Grand Canyon Train Tour ($6010)

Showcase Showdown #2: Andrew wins with 95 cents

Showcase: Andrew wins; Lift Oven, Electric Kayak, $1500 in Cash, Cruise of the Caribbean ($19,417 in prizes)

After receiving his microphone, Drew danced with the model who presented it to him by grabbing her hands and going around in a circle together. As Linda hugged Thomas after arriving in Contestant’s Row, the camera zoomed out to show both of their faces due to their great difference in height. “It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday!” Drew told Linda after she arrived on stage for Punch A Bunch, which featured the host’s “all-time favorite prize”, an Automatic Donut Maker, which received some nice applause from the audience, and a Snuggie robe, which Drew requested to be worn by one of his fellow employees on stage. The large dollar bill featured a previous audience member’s drawing of Drew. Linda won three punches, but punched the Punchboard four times by mistake. After Drew reminded her she missed an item and punch, Linda reacted with her hands in a way that appeared to be a snap. After Linda decided to leave with her $1000 slip from the first hole, viewers got to see the Snuggie robe again as the show went to a commercial break. Drew did not tell Lisa she won $198 after Money Game ended. Drew got himself and the audience too excited as the Big Wheel appeared to be stopping at $1.00 for Sharon in Showcase Showdown #1. Allison was in the front row of the studio audience before coming over to Contestant’s Row. The difference between Joi’s price and the actual price of the Grand Canyon trip was $651. Drew started using the phrases “Joy with a ‘J’ ” and “Joi with an ‘I’ ” in Showcase Showdown #2. Andrew’s score in the Spinoff was five cents greater than Joi’s and the Big Wheel barely stopped where he and Drew wanted it. Today’s Showcases featured Rich Fields interacting with Linda and Andrew, who bid $7000, which Drew emphasized, causing members of the audience to laugh, as he revealed the actual retail price of his Showcase first. Linda overbid with $18,000. We end this week’s worth of shows with Andrew and his large group on stage.

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