Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lucky 7: Christopher lost; Mercury Milan ($21,3 )

Freeze Frame: Evan wins ; Motorcycle ($7198)

Pick A Pair: Jonathan wins (Dish Soap and Tissues Cost $3.29) ; Living Room Group

Showcase Showdown #1: Evan wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Flip Flop: Leslie lost by “flipping”; Bed ($4247)

Ten Chances: Antonette wins Lantern ($50); Playstation 3 and Games ($760), Chrysler PT Cruiser ($19,820)

One Wrong Price: Lucia lost; Jukebox, Dining Room Table (Wrong Price $1794), and Guitar

Showcase Showdown #2: Lucia wins with 90 cents

Showcase: Evan wins; Home Theater System, Projector Screen, Outdoor Kitchen Set, and A Trio of $1000 Gift Cards ($34,378 in prizes)

Christopher was so glad to meet Drew after winning Two Pairs of Shoes in Contestant’s Row. He chose “7” as the second number in the price of the Mercury automobile in Lucky 7 and lost six of his seven dollars. The other numbers in the price of the automobile were not revealed after Christopher lost the game. Evan’s second bid of one dollar turned out to be a winning bid after Drew loudly said, “Air hockey table with two players played by two hot models”. Evan was given a second chance to freeze a price in Freeze Frame after he wanted the numbers to go around again. Jonathan, whose arrival into Contestant’s Row was narrated by Drew, was patient to hear the host slowly read the actual retail price before he could come on stage. “Listen up, buddy, it almost went down the middle”, said Drew after Evan scored $1.00 in his first spin of the Big Wheel. The camera shot with the contestant in a triangle did not return for today’s Showcase Showdown. After the commercial break, Drew gave special mention to Monica in the audience on her 93rd birthday when the show was taped. Leslie pushed the red button in Flip Flop before quickly realizing what she had done, but Drew said all was well, as he “was going to do it anyway”. Drew instructed Antonette to price the Lantern and Playstation 3 and Games quickly in order to have more chances to price the Chrysler automobile. She used four chances to price the Lantern $50. The prop concealing the numbers in the price of the automobile fell before Antonette used her eighth chance to price the game system and games. She never got to write a price for the automobile. Drew and the last Item Up for Bids, a Vacuum on the Turntable, appeared on the same camera shot before Lucia made her first bid. Drew realized Lucia’s name was pronounced “Lu-see-ah” rather than “Lu-chee-ah” before her prizes were revealed from behind the Big Doors. Lucia was signaling the audience about the Guitar in One Wrong Price, according to Drew. Today’s Showcase featured a Spy Package and a Home Theater System with a Projector Screen.

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