Today’s Airing of The Price is Right

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Range Game: Brooke lost; Electric Car ($15,995)

Most Expensive: Antonio wins; Sofa, Coats (Most Expensive), and Exercise Machine

Bonkers: Michael wins; Trip to Austria

Showcase Showdown #1: Michael wins with $1.00 ($1000)

Balance Game: Corinne lost ($1000 + $4000 + $795); Catamaran ($4795)

Grand Game: Anna wins $10,000 (Target Price $6.00)

Pathfinder: Whitney lost (stepped on “7”); Chevy Malibu ($27,214)

Showcase Showdown #2: Corinne wins with $1.00 + 25 cents ($1000)

Showcase: Michael wins; Electric Bicycle, Solar-Powered Golf Cart, and Toyota Prius ($46,505 in prizes)

Our journey into the show with an Earth Day theme begins with an unusual camera shot of the audience from above. Brooke of Las Vegas, Nevada got to play the Range Game, but first Drew had to introduce a guest somewhere in hiding. Ed Begley, Jr. came from beyond the Turntable before Drew could introduce a prize his guest would enjoy: an Electric Car. The reveal of the automobile’s actual price did not seem exciting or suspenseful due to the excited audience and Drew’s quickness. “Yeah, baby!” said Antonio, a mechanic of 25 years for “the Goodyear Blimp”, after coming to Drew’s side beside the Big Doors concealing Most Expensive, which Drew acknowledged as “one of the oldest” games on the show. “The act-u-el retail preece (actual retail price)”, said Drew before Michael arrived on stage for Bonkers, which he played with numerous combinations in a risky strategy before winning at the very last second. Drew did not reveal the price of Michael’s Trip to Austria. Showcase Showdown #2 featured the return of the combined camera shots of the contestant in a triangle and the Big Wheel spinning, but the triangle with Michael did not appear over a black background, but over a wide shot of the Big Wheel. “Could I pay my taxes with this?” Anna asked Drew about the $10,000 prize in Grand Game before winning it all. Whitney shouted one dollar for the Laptop Computer presented as the last Item Up for Bids for today’s show. “Finally”, said Drew after Whitney arrived on stage and revealed the day of taping to be her 32nd birthday. Corinne and Anna both scored $1.00 in Showcase Showdown #2 and won $1000. Both contestants appeared in triangles during their Spinoff. Corrine scored 25 cents before Anna scored 10 cents. Music once again greeted viewers to the Showcase portion of the show. Today’s Showcase featured a symbolic donation (not included in Corinne’s bid) to the World Wildlife Fund, the current official holders of the abbreviation WWF, Ed Begley, Jr., and three electrical means of transportation. We end today’s show with a camera shot that includes Drew speaking to Ed beside Michael’s Toyota Prius.

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