Plinko: Eulonda wins $21,500 with 5 Plinko chips

Cover Up: Jaclyn lost; Chevy Cobalt ($18,364)

Squeeze Play: Leanne lost (removed “8”); Fighter Pilot School in Las Vegas, Nevada ($6388)

Showcase Showdown #1: Eulonda wins with 75 cents

Danger Price: John lost (Danger Price $950); Speakers, Accessories, Wine Set, and Tea Set ($950)

Check Out: Michael wins ($1.05 difference); Bedroom Group

That’s Too Much: Mercer lost; Jeep Wrangler ($21,460)

Showcase Showdown #2: John wins with 10 cents

Showcase: Double Overbid; Smart Cycle Game System, 42-inch Plasma TV, Nintendo Wii and Games, and Trip to Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland; Motorscooter, Scoot Coop, and Scion XB

Drew referred to the Digital Watch featured in Plinko as a “nerd watch”. Eulonda dropped her first Plinko chip from the “L”, where many chips were dropped before reaching the $10,000 slot, but it didn’t happen until Eulonda made a second drop from the “L” with her fourth Plinko chip. After Jaclyn said hello to her mother, Drew said, “Hi, Mom” afterwards. The host sounded very sure the first time and second time he loudly asked, “Does she win a car?” before learning the unfortunate answer to the question, “Does she have any luck?” Leanne, whose clothing included the words “pick me” and her name appearing twice (on her nametag and the shirt itself), discovered her prize by watching a video screen at the back at the audience. When Leanne said Squeeze Play is her least favorite game, Drew congratulated her in a loud tone of voice. As Leeanna began to spin the Big Wheel, she appeared in the camera shot with a frontal view of the wheel before she almost fell to the floor, causing Drew to say, “Oh my gosh!” before asking if she’s all right. John, who was wearing some interesting overalls on the show today, but plays Santa Claus two months out of the year and was currently in his “vacation time”, according to Drew, got to play Danger Price today. Even though he found the Danger Price, Drew reminded John “you’ve got Santa Claus to fall back on”. Mercer, bearer of the shirt with the words “Just Older Youth (J. O. Y.)”, played That’s Too Much, which is no longer said with “vim, vigor, and vitality”. When Drew asked if Mercer was right to say “that’s too much”, the camera shot of the price he stopped on switched to the reveal of the Jeep Wrangler’s actual price before the buzzer sound was heard. Mercer shook John’s hand after tying 85 cents in Showcase Showdown #2. John scored 10 cents during the Spinoff portion, followed by Mercer’s score of 5 cents. Today’s show ended with a couple of overbids, including John’s bid with a small difference. We end today’s show with Drew and the models facing the front of the studio as the audience cheered behind them.

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